Friday, April 27, 2012

Laziest Friday

 Cross Tee - thrifted
Leather jacket - Theory, ebay
Button-fly Jeans - Levi Strauss, thrifted
Shoes - Eject, ebay, altered
Scarf - gift from Ee
Leather star wrap - Target

To quote something I read on the internet "Give the hardest job to the laziest man and he'll find the easiest way to do it!" Well, I am a lazy person by nature. Not to say I'm a procrastinator. I used to be one of those people who always waited until last minute to write a paper. Which admittedly has made me learn some good shortcuts. However, I revamped my personal policies when I hit college so I don't do everything last minute, but since I am still quite lazy - I still try to find the easiest, most effective way to do something.

Today, that was getting dressed. I got dressed on auto-pilot. One minute I'm hopping out the shower, the next I'm dressed in jeans, a tee shirt, leather jacket, and carrying this gorgeous scarf from Ee. I don't own a lot of scarves or accessories, but I've been carrying this scarf around on potentially cool days and finally managed to snap a picture of it. I took off the jacket and scarf by midday, but I was happy to have them in the cooler morning and inside buildings.

This tee is one of my favorites. I still love my goth details and when I find them in light colors (white, light blue, etc) it always makes me excited. I can't remember clearly, but I think in the first matrix movie there was a woman dressed all in white (and the twin guys with dreads). All black can be pretty badass, but wearing white and still kicking butt? Awesome.

Any big plans for this weekend? I'm gearing up for my exams this Tuesday and kittens on Sunday.


  1. That's a really lovely scarf and I love the t-shirt as well! Feminine goth, awesome! I know the feeling of dressing on auto pilot, I do it from time to time, especially on weekends! No big plans for me this weekend, other than a date night with the hubs tonight and that's about it. We're supposed to maybe get snow tomorrow (ew) so I'll be laying low!

  2. If this is "lazy" then I'm totally on board because you look pretty put together for "lazy". Lovely scarf Megan! Have a great weekend!

  3. That scarf is stunning - that color is electric. Also - I am the LAZIEST PERSON EVER. I don't even know how I have two kids who are fed and dressed and bathed every day. And you look really good if this is your "lazy"!

  4. I agree, the scarf is beautiful and i love it with the gray of the jacket. The shoes are insane!!! Please tell me what you did to alter them! They're great.

    Love, Jean

    1. I replaced the tie ribbon with a heavy chain. You can see past looks by clicking the Eject tag at the bottom of the post.

  5. That t-shirt and those shoes take a "jeans and t-shirt" from the normal to the fabulous. Great pieces can make all the difference and you prove this her perfectly.

  6. The scarf is crazy-pretty with your red hair. I cannot wait for kitten-Sunday : >

  7. Gorgeous scarf. I want your jacket :)

    Maybe we should have a Friday Laziest Dresser

  8. I'm super lazy on the weekends: skinny jeans, T shirt, and jacket. I'm much more motivated during the week when lots of things are vying for my attention. I'm a lazy slug on the weekends, but isn't that what weekends are for?

    I like monochromatic outfits too, but I'd never be brave enough for an all-white outfit. I'd spill something on myself right away! Hope you're having a good weekend, and good luck on your exams. :)

  9. Your clothes always look good. And I simply don't believe that you're lazy.


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