Monday, April 30, 2012

Highly Visible

Dress - Carmen Marc Valvo, thrifted
Pumps - Miu Miu, ebay
Belt - ?? Tj Maxx maybe
Headscarf - via Mom (target?)

Thrilled to say I'm linking up to Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. I'm hardly one to blend in, but today, I felt especially visible. I've been following along with Patti for awhile now, but this is my first time linking up. Love this neon dress. It went perfectly with this bandanna borrowed from my mom. Tried to pull my hair up into a retro-y look.

Speaking of my hair, the pink goes back to red tonight with the discovery of Hot Tamale! Hopefully it'll be a good replacement for my defunct Paint the Town. (Also please don't link to any online sellers for dye. I don't buy hairdye online due to heat instability while shipping!)

I had a great weekend with my BBs. Miss them like hell already. May have to make an extra trip over this week if I can swing it. Might be able to because OMG it's finals week! I went and returned my books, I've got reams of notes to study tonight and go in tomorrow to hopefully spew back everything I know.

Trying to show the headband - Oh look, Hipster!Hubs



  1. Very elegant, but not over the top.
    Love it!

    XO Arezu

  2. What a great dress Megan! I love the shape, the appliques, the color and the retro vibe! I also love that you added the bandana and those shoes are killah! Good luck with the red, though I will miss the pink :-( Hope finals week treats you well!

  3. OMG that dress! Whoa! It is fantastic! I have been so hesitant about the neon trend, but seeing this on you may be changing my mind. It's not like 1980's Dayglow, it's like really pretty. It is a good color on you too, it might not be on someone like me. I also love your headband.

    Finals week, woo hoo! Good luck with the finals and celebrate good when you're done! How long is your break?

    1. I think neon can be done tastefully, go check out Keely's neon purchases over at

      Thanks! I'll be doing the Maymester, but then it's off until end of August I believe. I'll be job hunting because we're contemplating a move again since the economy/job market seems to be picking up a little bit.

  4. That dress is so retro-fabulous! I remember when you found it, happy day : > Love the scarf a headband too, and the awesome pumps.

  5. See, when I see your thrift finds, I think, "Someday I'm going to thrift something half as fabulous as one of Megan Mae's finds, just HALF..." :D I love that dress more every time I see you wearing it. And honestly, your picture is by far the most visible over at Patti's Monday Trust me!

    P.S. I don't comment on the weekly kitteh posts to prevent myself from whining about how bad I want one of the kittehs. Then I remember The Corginator loves kitteh poo :(

  6. Megan, what a fabulous neon green dress. Love the detailing on it, love it paired with the black belt, and the heels are fab too. The headscarf is a great addition as well.

  7. I'm so glad that you linked up! This dress is a remarkably visible addition to Visible Monday! And best of luck on those finals.

  8. That neon dress of yours is freaking amazing!! I love it on you! And the BBs are adorable. Makes me want a kitty.:)

  9. this dress on you! Gorgeousness!

  10. Love that dress! Fab scarf!

  11. I love that dress - the appliques are so fun! And you are definitely not blending in, in that highlighter of a dress!

  12. I like neon, but sometimes I get self-conscious. I was wearing neon pink today and I felt like I might have blinded a few people.

  13. Gorgeous colour and texture.

  14. You are visible, and you look great. I love neon - brings me back to my youth, ya ya. :)

  15. I like the bright color of this dress, and it fits your figure well.

  16. Whoa, what a dress! Can't believe you found a Carmen Marc Valvo at the thrift store!


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