Saturday, April 21, 2012

Foodie Saturday

I didn't start out in fashion/lifestyle blogging. I was a cooking blogger. My cooking blog is now defunct due to meals frequently going the way of eating out, repetition versus experiments, and general lack of ideas. However I've had short bursts of creativity which show up on my twitter feed occasionally.

This weekend started out with an old standby - homemade pork stir fry. However while browsing the grocery, I realized I had been really missing Chinese buffets. Full of MSG, grease, and cost way higher than I can afford these days - I stick with my favorite Chinese restaurant which has huge portions for cheap lunch prices. But sometimes nothing matches those buffet crab legs that never end. When I saw tiny packages of rock crab legs ($4!), I still got the pork I needed, but set part of it back for another meal.

Stir fry can pretty much be made up of nearly anything. My favorite way is cubing up boneless lean pork, cooking with a small amount of veggie oil, then adding whatever fresh and frozen veggies I have on hand and a handful of baby corn. The key to my stir fry sauce is teriyaki, soy sauce, and a small amount of fish or oyster sauce. This really hit the spot, feeding two with leftovers and leftover ingredients for less than I would spend on a buffet dinner.

Another thing I've been missing since we've stopped eating out to cut daily costs - my favorite sandwich place and Panera. I love soup and sandwiches for lunch. I've been getting more adventurous with my sandwich ideas thanks to our groceries' deli selling by the pound (meaning you can buy smaller amounts than prepacked to try things out, or buy prepackaged when you know what you want), getting the Hubs to branch out from his typical. Lately he's hooked on grilled sammies, but here's some quick sandwich pairings:
Honey wheat, turkey, havarti
Ham, herb Monterrey, wheat (grilled)
Cucumber, homemade herb cream cheese (great for those herb gardens), whitewheat

Other ideas
Tuna melt with gruyere on onion bread
Roast beef, ham, and white cheddar
Provolone, Cajun chicken
Smoked gouda and honey ham

Yeah this post is a bit meat oriented, and I'm always up for my veggie blog-buddies making suggestions to add more meatless, non-soy ideas into my recipe box. What are some of your favorite home made meals/snacks lately? What are your best food tips? What your kitchen secret weapon when you want to impress?


  1. Yum, you're making me hungry! I like whipping up quesadillas: a bit of chicken, some refried beans, a few veggies (mushroom, green onion, red pepper, jalapenos for bite), and a sprinkle of cheese, then cook them in a bit of veg oil on both sides, and dee-lish!

  2. Mmm... tasty! I share your love of food and cooking. My secret weapon is Tamari (real soy sauce) which adds a nice dash of saltiness and flavor to any dish.

    1. I've totally been using that trick too!

  3. I had no idea that you used to be cooking blogger! As you know, I used to be a fashion blogger (ha!).

    There's an AMAZING Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood that lets you choose vegan "meat" for any of their entrees. The sweet and sour fake chicken is so good (and so bad for me). I used to eat at Panera all the time when I lived in Chicago, but I haven't found one in SF yet.

    1. Mmm you just made me start craving the ultimate bad for me - general tso's chicken! Pretty sure you could fry anything and slather it in that sauce and I'd eat it. Yum!


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