Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Stripes Inspiration (2)

 Stripes Easy to style, found in nearly everyone's wardrobe, perfectly season-less, different widths, verticles, horizontals, pinstripes, plaids, tiger, zebra, and so many, many more varieties of stripes! Here's only a small sampling of how I've worn stripes in my everyday life. Feel free to click on any tumbnail to embiggen the images.

Hopefully this has got your striped inspiration flowing.

Join Keely and I starting tomorrow Monday, March 19th for a week filled with stripey goodness. Sign up here.


  1. How stripey! I love stripes -- they're a design that never grows old. On you, they're terrific.

    I never realized you do winged eyeliner. (Read your comment on WB's blog.) Perhaps that's because your pictures aren't close-ups. I've struggled mightily with eye-makeup and still haven't found the perfect look (mostly because my eyes are odd). I tried winged eyeliner and liked it, but someone (actually three someones) criticized it on a blog-post and I haven't recovered from that yet...

  2. Sweet sweet stripes. So easy to style. So classic, yet on trend. Can't wait to get my posts up for the week!

  3. It will be revy interesting to see, yeahhhhhhhhhhh


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