Saturday, February 25, 2012

Statement Pants

My wardrobe is far from dull. I can't seem to buy basics to save my life. My solid black skirt is leather, I don't own a white oxford shirt, and black pants? They've got a major plaid print on them. When I shop for pants I look for three things.

Details: Seaming! Studs! Different washes! I love jeans, but you can find all kinds of trousers these days with different fabrics and washes. I am a sucker for the details (especially sailor pants). These moto-jeans are a fast favorite for the weird pockets and seaming. It doesn't hurt they're actually cut short enough for my short self.

I tend to wear these jeans when I want tough looks. They've shown up again and again, but it's actually been awhile since I've worn them. My plans for these jeans are mostly summer-y in origin for their light color and the fact that the zipper at the ankle would probably chew my boots.

Patterns: Plaid pants are so much fun. I know some people might prefer a leopard or snake printed jean. However these plaid pants have been remarkably versatile. I mostly wear them with solid colored sweaters but for Christmas I mixed things up with a polka dot blouse. I'm still considering pattern mixing more frequently. Maybe I'll try my black star sweater or my new plus sign top.

Color: I wear skirts and dresses in all shades of the rainbow, but somehow red jeans have always been a constant staple for me. Even in my days of jean jackets, band/thrift t shirts, and chuck taylors - I still owned a pair of red jeans that got worn every time they were out of the wash. They've since been replaced with this thrifted pair. I've worn these quite a few times, but they really need an inch or two off the legs to make them less bunchy.  My goal for these is more color. I wore the purple boots with them only once, and rarely ever stray outside the black/white/grey combination with them.

Okay, four things - FIT:
Trousers are amazingly tricky things, and I admittedly show up in a bazillion different pairs that I probably don't even own any more. Pants get uncomfortable for me very quickly if they don't fit right, and as someone who had changed sizes a couple of times since starting this blog I always try to thrift my trousers. That way I can alter as possible or donate and buy new (to me) pants as I've needed.

I've gotten a number of comments about how well my trousers fit and it's because of my incredible finicky nature that they do. Two of the three photos I've included involved some kind of alterations on the pants. I don't recommend any major alterations of pants if you don't do it yourself. It's expensive and worth more to just try a bunch on to find the right fit in the hip/waist and get legs hemmed up (which shouldn't be too pricey provided you're going unlined).

Have you got any tips or tricks for picking out the right trousers? What is your favorite jeans/trousers in your closet? 


  1. The most important thing I look for in pants is whether they make my butt look good. :) Gap jeans are my favorite.

  2. you really do have some amazing pieces!

    and i totally get what you're saying about fit... i have so many pairs that i don't wear because they look... off.

  3. I LOVE those first pair of jeans! I look for similar things when I thrift. Have a great weekend!

  4. You rock in pants. And I love how eclectic and unusual your personal style is. Most people are boring with their choices but you display real individuality.

  5. You have so many different and unique pants, love them! I think pattern pants are really cool :)

  6. Okay, it took some doing, but I went back through your posts and found my favorite pair of your jeans. I think these are the coolest ever. So unique and you do have a lot of unique pants. I used to love unique pants, but one has to be a fairly small size to pull them off. Here is my fav of yours.

  7. You do have some great pants, and they do all fit you perfectly. My style is all over the place when it comes to pants, but I guess the one consistent thing about them are that they aren't low rise, lol! Low rise pants drive me crazy. My favorite jeans are my Gap Long and Lean that I thrifted. They fit perfectly. Heather

  8. You have a fun selection of pants. I always look for length and fit when shopping. I actually have the opposite problem than you, I tend to buy too many basics and not enough fun stuff!


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