Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Red Steel

 Shirt - Ann Taylor, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Wrist Cuff, Hat, Bag - Target
LLAP Necklace - Etsy
Earrings - Gift
Jacket - Theory, ebay

There is nothing more wonderful than an outfit waiting in the wings to be worn. Red and grey has got to be my all time favorite color combination right now, and this grey tee is my favorite for casual and simple. It's mostly been for weekend wear since I've gotten it, but it's very luxe for a basic tee.

The tee is a wool blend similar to my navy cowl top, thin but warm. The neck and arms are edged with silk ribbon and it's got a zipper in the back, which I did not remember to get a picture of because these pictures were taken about 2 seconds before the bottom fell out on the thunderstorm today.

Hubs has a game of Warhammer tonight, and I usually go with him and kick back with my laptop. However I will be spending the time with PBS and the Last Enemy and doing my laundry instead. How are you spending your Wednesday night?

Hubs always manages to catch one silly photo, but I loved how this one turned out.
Leather jackets are definitely becoming my favorite thing in the world.


  1. Fabulous out! I love the red and gray combo too! I'll be relaxing at home. Hopefully blog reading or perhaps I'll do some doodling. I've been drawing fashion models recently. So enjoyable!

  2. I love your red hat - I could use one today, it's all snowy and sleety here! I think gray and red is a fantastic color combination and should be used more!

    My Wednesday night will be spent digging out from said snow and probably chillaxing with some tv shows!

  3. I LOVE red and gray together! Actually, red is probably one of my top three fave colors ever! And it looks great on you! I am busy tonight with mom duty--you know, the usual. I love your hat and hooray for tees that feel more than tees!

  4. I'm watching TV off my DVR. Getting caught up on Revenge.

    I love those red jeans! I had a pair in the 1990s when I was in University and I wore them to death. I miss them.

  5. Ha! What did I tell you about leather! It's addicting!

    Tonight I am going for a 1 hr/8K walk right after work, then I have a 1 hour Weight Watchers webinar I have to do, THEN I need to do my blog, and somehow get dinner in there somewhere. I also need to do a month-end recap on my 30 for 30 for February, but I have the feeling that will be waiting until the weekend. Too much!

    1. Wow that does sound like quite an evening!

  6. Oh me how I love red + grey. Reminds me of Ohio State Buckeyes, though! (Which isn't a bad thing as I have family who went there and I don't have an allegiance to any particular school - people are crazy about college teams, aren't they?) I am envious of your hat wearing ability. Not that I physically can't wear a hat (I have a head after all), I just look stupid.

    Wed evening - gonna watch some teevee and catching up on blogs whilst husband does accounting homework. So exciting.

  7. Wednesday night? I've read 3 journal articles, and 104 pages of a book. 100 more pages to go, a bit of note transcribing, and I can call it a night.

    I love the composition of the "funny" shot - it seems very three dimensional!

  8. "There is nothing more wonderful than an outfit waiting in the wings to be worn." -- so true!

  9. I love the red with your hair and skin tone! I am spending tonight catching up on blog reading and watching American Idol. So exciting ;)

  10. I want to save you on a shelf. eep

  11. Aren't red pants just the coolest? You look great in this outfit. I like red and gray too, but have been on a black and red kick lately.
    Wednesday evening I spent watching The Middle, Suburgatory, and Modern Family. I love comedy.


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