Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sweater - etsy
Vest - Papaya, thrifted
Jeans - Fishbone, thrifted
Clinic boots - Jeffery Campbell
Headphones - V-Moda, gift

This is basically how I look when I go to class. I pick something fun, but comfortable, add my headphones and mp3 player and some kind of layering piece for warmth. I'm getting better with my formula and spend more time comfortable than not. I hope I can manage to keep it up as summer comes on.

These were the jeans I referenced yesterday. I saw them sticking out of a rack and prayed they fit. They are ridiculous, but in my favorite way. I'm not sure whether to work with the Americana feel of them or push past it, so I kind of did both. Put down the phone, step away from the keyboard. No need to call Stacy and Clinton. I wouldn't trade my wardrobe for any $5k shopping trip. I was actually surprised at the lack of reaction or comments on today's look. Maybe I've just desensitized my classmates already?


  1. Were you hoping for a reaction? I, for one, think you look adorable and classically Megan. Those jeans are awesome on you.

    1. People usually say something. Often about the height of my heels or some of the more "out there" things. I'm actually kind of pleased that people are getting used to seeing something other than Uggs and sweatpants.

  2. Those jeans are amazing. Lucky find!

  3. I freakin' love those jeans, Megan! Wear 'em while you can!

  4. These. Jeans. Are. Awesome!!! Hope you are doing ok Megan.

  5. Your jeans rock! I used to have a pair of multi striped cords. I miss them.

  6. Girl, you are rocking those stars! Your outfit made me recall some 'flag' pants I had in the early 70's. They were white and red stripes with blue stars. I thought I was the coolest girl around! I think they were bell bottoms too.

  7. Wow! Those jeans are all kinds of awesome.

  8. You're welcome to borrow my motorcycle to jump over a few buses. Those jeans are terrific!

    I really like the flamboyance and fearless creativity of your style. Too few people have that attitude. Society would be a more beautiful place if they did.

  9. A girl pinned something off my blog the other week, commenting how patriotic my outfit and got so confused until I remembered I was in red, white and BLUE... American colours, not Canadian colours. So weird how emotionally charge colours and patterns can become! Either way, their such fun pants!

  10. I love the jeans! And they go so well with the stars on your top!

  11. OMG those jeans! They are awesome!!!


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