Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Boots

 Sweater - Gap, thrifted
Tunic - All Saints, ebay
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans
Star Boots - Etsy

I've been browsing the thrift stores, ebay and etsy since summer for the right pair of cowboy boots. Every pair was too western, too tall, not the right color or pattern. Until I stumbled upon these boots while searching for something else entirely. I +fav'd them but never expected to order them. 

Original tags - I did not pay this price! 
They turned out to be the perfect cowboy boot alternative. Closer to pixie boots, I suppose, but the height was right. They were new deadstock (seller put the date from 1980s, but I don't know the validity of that since it's from a Canadian brand that is still in business, however it still has the original tags!)

New hairs
This outfit is really basic because I am taking another weekend easy and watching movies. Well, and working on my research papers, but that still requires comfortable clothing.

However I did have a refreshed punch of color because I redid my pink! I also re-dyed the natural red since I had about 2.5 inches of my roots grown out.


  1. You have boots with stars on them? Super cool! :D I also love your necklaces :)

  2. Those boots are amazing! What a great find! They're perfect for you! I like your new hair too, I noticed that right away! Have a good relaxing weekend!

  3. God I wish I could do pink hair! I really do! But my work wouldn't allow it (I've asked). :-( Your hair looks awesome!

    I love your new boots! My only qualm with cowboy boots (mine at least) is that they make my feet look ginormous!

    Enjoy your weekend of rest dear!

  4. A very cool outfit! You scored some very awsome boots!

  5. How fun! Those boots are perfect and they look great with your all neutral outfit. Have a great weekend :)

  6. When I saw the boots, they took my breath away. They are so cool!!!!

  7. The boots are so fun! And I love how your hair adds the pop of color in your neutral outfit! It's easy to forget how hair really is our cheapest accessory.

  8. Those are cool boots - I don't know the Browns label, but I bet you got a great deal. :)

    Love the hair - I'm dyeing mine tonight in preparation for le streak d'aqua next week. Eee!

  9. Sweet boots! They have Megan written all over them!

  10. I'm loving your hair these days - great pink! And those are some Megan boots :)

  11. It may be casual but it's still wicked cool. Love the boots. And your hair looks fun.

    Oh, and I got your card today in the mail. Thank you! What a nice surprise.

  12. Your boots are so awesome, they look amazing with your outfit :)

  13. In reference to an earlier post: Have you seen Attack the Block? I've been dying to rent it, and still haven't found the time. But it looks hysterical AND funny - the best combination!

    1. I haven't AND that's got Nick Frost in it. @_@ Must see!

  14. I really really like this outfit! I love how it all works together. And I love those boots. I want to die my hair that pink that you use -- how do you do it? I just got a touch up today, and I've really been wanting to do something that is more fun. I need to do something for me because I have really been down in the dumps lately -- and down on me.


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