Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ebay Tips

So you found something you wanna buy on eBay? Maybe it's more than one thing. Here's a few tips that might ensure you get what you want.

1. Research - Do your research! Does the brand run notoriously large or small? Are you getting a good deal? How about fit? Is it a UK brand (example: All Saints items are tagged by their UK size where a size "8" is a US "2/4")? Do you know the conversions?

When you feel educated, do some more research. Compare the measurements to a comparable item you own. Seller didn't include them? Ask!

2. Which brings me to point two - eBay sellers are Human. Some users are a selling business hosted via ebay. However there are many individual sellers out there looking to unload their closets. Is there a dress in your size that is auction only? Message the seller asking if they are willing to set a Buy-It-Now price. Be prepared to answer back with a reasonable offer if they ask you to give one. Some sellers may go for a quick sale than waiting for an auction to complete. Especially because there is no guarantee they will make more money via auction.

Always be reasonable, pay quickly if they do offer it (or else someone else may snag it from you), and be kind! Thank the seller for the favor. I've managed to snag a few items here and there from sellers who were ready to quick sale. I was saved from the snipers, the auction, and the unknown "will I get it" or "will I lose it again" by simply opening communications with the seller.

3. Snipe dammit - There are lots of snipe services available out there. Many legit and reasonably priced (many giving free snipes to start out with no need to pay for the first services). I haven't had this work for me, because so far I've been luck to get what I want on BIN. However if you don't find an amenable seller to your BIN offer, sniping is some extra insurance to get that coveted item.

4. Combine shipping - Sometimes you'll come across sellers who don't have the new option of using the "cart." Send them a message asking for combined shipping. I saved $13.50 by shooting a quick email to a super amazing seller who refunded me the extra shipping charges.

5. Search results - Sometimes we find images of clothing online that are from past seasons. It sucks to find our fav retailers are no longer carrying that coveted item. However many times ebay will have what you're looking for. Many clothes and shoes are given "names" which makes it easier to identify them - HOWEVER, don't let your search results be limited by those names. If you can't find "Jeffery Campbell Clinic Boots" or "Fluevog Mini Sugars size 11" try searching instead for just the brand and using the side filters to narrow.

If you've got the energy it can be beneficial to tag "Not Specified" for sizes that aren't listed by the filter tags. Accidents happen, so don't let things slip away because you filtered down too specifically.

Do you use ebay? Have you got any more tips for buyers or sellers? What's the best deal you've scored while ebaying?


  1. The best deal I got on eBay was a $2000.00 Alexander McQueen blouse for $300.00. Score! I had to troll it for until the last few seconds of the auction.

  2. Great tips. I buy and sell on eBay, at a very relaxed pace, but I used to sell a *lot* and really enjoyed it. You can find some fab deals, but it's getting harder. Your boots are to die for!


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