Monday, January 16, 2012


 Vest - Papaya, thrifted
Sweater - Jones sport, thrifted
Jeans - The limited, thrifted
Boots - Nine West, thrifted
Headband - DIY

Fake leather has improved vastly in my life time. Even "cheap" options are getting more realistic and less plastic-y. I normally still opt for real leather any time I have the chance, but I added not one, but two faux-leather pieces on my last trip to Goodwill. This NWT Papaya vest is very soft and fit great. I expect it will get a lot of wear, especially as a spring/summer layer. And more than anything I love finding clothing with "tough" details in white rather than solid black or charcoal grey.

These Nine West booties were on the shelf. I couldn't find a size but tried them on anyway. They were about a half size large, but that was perfect to add an insole into for a perfect fit. Oddly I found the size later stating "7 1/2" - a size and a half larger than my normal size. From the front, they remind me of old fashioned boxer boots.

Looking to jazz up your looks with layers? Need some inspiration? Check out Keely and my latest fashion challenge!


  1. This vest is so awesome! I tried on a white leather skirt at a vintage store last week, shame it didn't fit or I would have bought it - there is something so edgy about white leather!

  2. You're right, faux leather has gotten more realistic, but I still buy the cheap plasticy stuff. I'd be mortified if someone thought I was wearing real leather or fur (meh, must be a wacky vegan thing). That's lucky that the boots were a size and a half too large but they fit you. Do Nine West shoes always run large?

    1. Nine West usually runs TTS in my experience. One the things I really like about the brand, and one of the reasons I was weirded out that these were tagged so large.

  3. That's a great vest! Overall a nice clean crisp looking outfit! Those jeans look amazing on you! I too have found faux leather to be a bit more realistic, but I like the real thing too whenever possible!

  4. I love this vest! And I agree with you on how exciting it is to see tougher white pieces than the expected black or even red. This is a great vest and it makes me want to wear my leather vest! I love your green and black stripes underneath as well. OMGosh you wear a 6??? You are so lucky! Your feet are iddy-biddy cute. I have big ole feet and I hate it! I am uber stoked for the challenge!

  5. Those are some really cool boots! Sizes in even the same brand of shoes can run so differently. I have shoes from 6.5 to 9.
    As to faux leather. I have had some people tell me that my faux was real and argue about it! It really is getting better which is great for some of the items that may be things you would not wear for years.
    The vest is really cute and could be worn into the spring. Very cool.

  6. I like the vest. I usually go for real leather, since I tend to be hard on shoes and I wear out faux leather shoes too quickly.

  7. I like the vest - I used to have one just like it! I rarely buy non-leather anymore - I just can't stomach paying for it when I could find real leather.

    Great score on the boots - that's why I always try on any shoes within a size or two.

  8. Faux leather can be a great choice, especially if you don't have the money to drop on a real leather item. I love how crisp and clean the white vest looks. What a great thrifting find! Pairing it with the bright top is definitely a fun combination. And those booties are amazing as well!

    Callie @

  9. I've never seen a vest like that! It's awesome!

  10. That green is such a pretty color on you...and that vest was an excellent find. Love it!


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