Thursday, January 5, 2012

Celebrate, Every Day

 Dress - Reggio, thrifted
Hepat Boots - Tsubo
Star Earrings - gift* from Keely

When you woke up this morning, pulled out your clothing for the day, did you think "this will do"? Did you feel excited, did you have an emotional response? Did you pass by that special dress, or piece you are "saving"? I'd been saving this dress for my birthday party. Like I said before though, plans changed. So I decided, Thursday is special enough to wear this fun velvet dress. I felt sassy and dressed up, even though I wasn't doing anything special.

I started feeling better yesterday after some good food and a lie-in. So D and I finally got our butts out of the house to walmart to buy him some white shirts. I finally got inspired to dye my hair the way I've been planning. I used Color Rays* in red. It started out very hot pink, but it settled closer to red this morning. I think it'll fade back to pink, but I'm super thrilled with the results right now!

*Also in case you haven't read my disclosure page: No link on Megan Mae Daily will ever be a sponsored link. Recommendations are always something I buy and use myself in real life. I do not make any money off my recommendations. Items labeled "gift" has either been freely given by my friends or family, they are not gifts of any company.


  1. I really like how your hair turned out!

    I do think I have saved certain outfits for special occasions before, I like the idea of wearing something special "just because" though too. And I like your dress!

  2. I like the new hair color. You are good at coloring your own hair!

  3. You look so beautiful in the velvet dress. I love what you did with your hair. Thoughts of a color highlight have run through my head, but I think I am too old to do it. I may have my hairdresser put in something where no one will really see it, but me.
    Your hair just glows in the first picture. So pretty.

  4. I have a "special occasion" dress in my closet that I'm saving. It's very formal, so I can't just wear it any old day. I guess I'm waiting to be invited to the White House or something.

    Your hair is wild! The last time I tried to dye my hair was when I was in high school. I attempted to dye it purple, but my hair's so dark anyway that no one could tell I'd dyed it.

  5. I love how at Halloween, all I wanted to do was dye my hair purple but didn't until, since I was certain it would discourage chances of being hired. Now that I'm working at a place that would probably laugh, but be ok with purple hair, and I didn't even remember until I saw your pink hair post on Twitter!
    Glad you're feeling better!

  6. Love the hair- and the dress! I hate it when I wear something boring all day. Good for you!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  7. Love the hair color! Glad you decided to wear the dress now instead of waiting for your birthday. It is a great dress, especially paired with the boots :)

  8. What a thoughtful post and beautiful dress. I love your hair too!

  9. Such a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl! Sassy hair too - love it!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment today - totally made me smile and made my day!

  10. What a fabulous dress! No way you can save that for only special occasions! I thought for sure it was another All Saints or some other really expensive brand - such a thrifter you are!

    I like your disclosure. I have one in my "Stuff About Me" section of my blog. Nicely said.

  11. Oh my goodness! Its all so fabulous! I love your dress so much. I wore one of my new favorites today and it felt fabulous! I also adore your hair. I would love to make hot pink peek out like that. It's so fun!

  12. I love this dress! I would wear it on an ordinary day too, just to make everything a little extra special :)

    And your hair is fab :D

  13. Your hair looks AWESOME!!!! I've been wanting to do something like that to mine--thanks for the recommendation! I also agree with you--you don't need a special occasion to dress up, especially if you feel great in it! I love your pretty velvet dress. When is your birthday?

  14. I like the idea of not 'saving' something for a special event. Every day should be a special event, right?

    And your hair looks AMAZING!!

  15. Love your red hair! And the whole black outfit is perfect, eh. :)

    Cathy@The Advantages of Digitising in Embroidery Industry


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