Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Out

Don't adjust your screen - here at MMD, I've decided to "black out" my daily post to bring awareness to SOPA and PIPA. If you don't know what those are, I've rounded up a few helpful links to sort things out.

Big sites like Wikipedia and Reddit are shut down today.

Google explains here.(Btw have you seen Google's front page?)

Need a nerdtastic breakdown? George Takei explains why his normally busy media sites are quiet today.

You may have heard SOPA is off the table, but PIPA is not. ...And maybe not SOPA, either.

Still not getting why these two bills are so important to oppose? Here's a happy comic that dumbs everything down so we all can understand. (Warning: bleeped sockpuppets)

 Here is a response from the MPAA about the "black outs," and showing their ignorance to what these black outs are exemplifying. These sites are not punishing users, but are blatantly spreading the message that too many have missed.

SOPA and PIPA are not going to "fix" piracy and "save" American jobs. 

If you are in the US, call, email, mail letters to your representatives expressing your opinions on these bills. For those not living in the US, this may not mean much, but it means a big difference for the entirety of internet users, including you. If you know me personally, you know I am not a political person at heart, but I feel very strongly about keeping the internet a free and open media.


  1. This is one of the more creative ways I've seen to raise awareness - way to go! I signed the petition this morning and have been encouraging friends to do the same.

  2. I think everything should be explained in sock-puppet form. All the world's problems could be understood and solved by sock puppets!

    Seriously, thanks for taking a stand. :)

  3. I had no idea this was happening. I linked to your post. Thanks for the info.

    Love your outfit too!:)

  4. Kudos to you on supporting free internet! I love this and the photo is so cool. I have to be honest that until today I was completely ignorant to any of this. These links are very helpful. Thank you very much!

  5. Great links, thanks Megan. These bills are so sweeping, and will have many unintended consequences to the "little guys" and medium-size web sites that are not committing any crimes.


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