Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be Not Afraid... of Your Hair

So you've made your appointment with your favorite stylist, or maybe you just walked into a local salon intending to just have that inch or two of "dead ends" (all hair is dead, people) cut off. You have that knot of dread in your stomach that the stylist will chop all your hair off and it won't be just as long as it was anymore.

Let me start my personal hair story by saying, I spent many years in my teens with a deep brown mane of long hair. I grew it out in high school to get rid of the black hair leftover from my "goth phase". I was so proud of my length that I wouldn't do more than ask for chin length or longer layers. I always parted in the middle. For years. I was stuck with hair that always felt boring. 

One February day, I got tired of the lank, tangled mess. I waltzed in a salon. The woman asked, "Just a trim?" I'm sure dozens of women sat in her chair and said just that. I didn't want to be typical, I wanted some change! "Nope, chop it off!" I exclaimed.

Now don't mistake this post for me advocating you to chop off all your hair. I've been through dozens of hair colors all shades of the rainbow. I've gotten trims to alter the shape of the growing out pixie cut. I'm now thrilled with my current a-line bob in natural henna red with pink.

But! I am sad. I read people complaining all the time that they want to, but are frightened, to try a new color or style because it might not work for them. Let me share a secret - it'll grow back. Yes, it may mean you spend some time with not your ideal perfect hair, but it may also mean you spend the next decade (or worse, decades) never knowing that another style MIGHT just suit you better.

This is my plea to try something different. If you needed a sign, now is the time to change something, do something drastic - try out that color or style you've been wishing you could. Changing your hair may be what you need to really amp up your personal style. So do me a personal favor, give yourself a chance to do something different. Even if you just take down that ponytail for the day.


  1. Great post - I agree with you totally. The only reason I don't have pink tips for my hair is work - need to have a more "professional" look. I also love seeing all the different hair styles of Megan!

  2. @ Eek - yeah, I understand jobs can make the difference for hair choices. I am thankful I have the freedom to have pink hair right now. But it's still possible to have fun with things with super-bright colors. ^_^ I love all your hairstyles.

  3. I had a very structured bob for a long time that made me feel like an anchor woman. Now that I work from home and don't need to go into an office everyday, I let my hair grow out. I'm very impressed with all the different hair styles/colors you've tried. Somehow you still look like you in all the photos.

  4. I love this post so much, I am linking to it right now! It's so true: IT WILL GROW BACK. And it's just hair! Big whoop!

    I have had every hairstyle under the sun, been nearly every (natural) colour, and I've loved it. I wear my hair in whatever style I choose, whatever pleases ME.

    My next "I really want to, but I'm nervous" thing is to do a non-natural colour. I was mulling over turquoise in the store the other day....that would be so fun! I secretly worry I'm too old for it. The whole "mutton dressed as lamb" thing. *sigh*

    But you'll have to check out my new 'do and tell me what you think - it's really short!

    Totally love all the ways you've worn your hair, Megan! What a fun post!

  5. Whoa! I love the collage of all your hairstyles! :) As for me, being from India, long hair is considered the norm for women and even I took years to muster up the courage to chop it off. I got a really short 'boycut' in the 9th grade and after that, I change up my hair whenever I want to :) Now? I want to add some purple to my hair :D

  6. Here here! I wish that the stylist that I had been to last weekend would have read this . . . I've wanted to hack off my hair forever, but stylists are always afraid of doing that with curly hair for some reason. I always get "but then it will be a fro!" Um, I think a fro would be bad ass--just saying. I love all your hairstyles. The blue is so cool and look how pretty your long hair was!

  7. "IT WILL GROW BACK. And it's just hair!" -- yeah, but there was that time in the '90s that I was 10 lbs heavier and in denial about it -- went from a bob back to a pixie and was confronted with the fact that I'd gained five pounds in each cheek. It was so awful! I cried for two days! I used to be much more adventurous before that bad experience!

  8. @Wendy - But it did grow back, you learned what didn't work for you, and you have gorgeous hair now. Besides I've seen some of your shorter locked pictures and they are adorable. ;)

  9. So true. So true. I have always loved playing with color and finally at 20 I found a love for changing styles. When I didn't have to pay rent I'd go all out mixed highlights and fun cuts. I really honed my color recently though.:) perhaps when I'm a SAHM I'll do pink or red tips!

    I love seeing all of your styles and colors!

  10. I am that person that walks in and gets one inch cut off every 3 months.
    I think that in my case it is because when I was in my early teens i received the worst hair cut ever one day before the first day of school.
    It was cut really short and it looked awful and took years to grw out. I had friends call me JUGHEAD from Archie comics.

  11. Wow ... look at all your looks! Great post ... I am one of the ones who has always been afraid of my hair ... I could cut it and grow it and cut it and ... but I couldn't color it or style it .. I am just now figuring out how to do that. And guess what? My mom has been reading my blog. And she wanted to do something fun, so she just died a strip of her hair BLUE! How great is that?!

  12. A. I love your hair, and all it's incarnations.
    B. I love my hair, in all it's boring sameness.
    C. Hair grows. True fax. Do what you want, and don't be afraid!

    Thank you for the reminder to be brave and bold and do what makes US happy!

  13. Yess! Awesome! I'm loving the bright red you added! I for sure went through some strange hair phases in college (very chunky black and white stripes!) but I've learned to keep the permanent colors away as it's just too much work to grow the stripes out of my hair!

  14. THANK YOU! I agree, every time I hear someone talk about changing their hair, I advise them to go for it!

  15. Though I've never been a stranger to color...I'm deathly afraid of the scissors. What a great collection of looks u have!!


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