Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Hero Colors

Top - Gap, thrifted (Can you believe it?)
Jeans - American Eagle, gift
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Headband (wrap cuff) - Target

I know what you're thinking, more grey, more stripes? Yeah, this is one of the latest sleeved tops I picked up. I realize I have a lot of grey in my closet, and somehow got thinking about color. If I was a superhero, I don't think I'd wear a black or grey outfit. It would probably be some mix of coral and turquoise or bright citrus-y tones. What would your superhero colors be?

My mom hates these type of tops (thinks they look maternity-like, which they do).. but it's perfect for today. I wore jeans to my first class and half of the day, I'm switching them out for my sweatpants for my Wellness class tonight. We're doing stretching exercises tonight, so a long top with a tight cami underneath is exactly what I need. Plus it still makes me feel a bit more dressed up than a t shirt would. I also decided to wear my target star-cuff as a headband. I wish I had more time in the morning to at least get pictures after my hair drys.

Sew Sunday: Giveaway Winners

Using, I generated these three winners: Erica, Eek, and Heather/Kayla. I've sent out emails to the winners.

If you didn't win, I'm sorry, but I will be doing more giveaways in the future, so do stick around. I hope to giveaway more button flowers as well!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Professional Interview

Blouse - All Saints
Necklace - thrifted
Bracelets - gifts
 Pants - Willi Smith, thrifted
Shoes - Fly London

Today I'm heading downtown Nashville to conduct an interview with a professional "in my field" (I don't quite have a field so I've chosen an organization I support). I'll also be doing my observational work while I'm down there. Part of the assignment is to "dress professionally." I had a pretty great outfit picked out, inspired by Franniepantz, but lo and behold it's way too hot (and conversely cold inside) for it to work out. Cue me scrambling to pull together something nice. I kept the brown pants, swapped in some red shoes and my navy sleeveless top. I'm carrying along a cardigan for the inevitable cold bus ride and cold buildings.

Don't forget my button flower giveaway ends tonight at midnight CST. I'll pull the winners tonight once I'm home. I'll be trying to comment from my phone if I can find wifi spots today. And just a friendly reminder - if you haven't mobile-enabled your blog, please do so! It's very easy. Check under Settings>Email & Mobile>"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too soon?

 Top - Dressbarn, gift
Belt - TjMaxx
Boots - Fluevog, ebay

Sometimes I worry about wearing something again too soon after wearing, especially something that makes such a loud statement as this full skirt. But my mom gave me this awesome ruffled top a while ago, and I wanted to be able to wear these particular pieces as-is before it turned too cold - plus I think this look is a great one to get ready to usher in October. This picture shows the skirt a lot more accurate than the last one.
Back of skirt

I think this particular outfit also shows why I love ankle boots, and my gothy roots. Something about the proportions is just pleasing to my eye. Speaking of great proportional outfits, go check out Eek! today. She's got some kickass boots.

Don't forget to enter to win a button flower! Giveaway ends Thursday! Also if you enter, don't forget - if I can't find a way to contact you, your name will not be entered into the pool.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To the moon and back

 Tee - thrifted
Skinny jeans - Divided, thrifted
Ankle boots - Jump, ebay

Moon Boots, that is. Some days I just wanna be a space cadet. I've long loved these shiny space boots by Jump, but for the horror stories about the brand... I held off. I finally jumped (lol) when I saw a pair on ebay. These (and another pair yet to appear on blog) replaced my beloved Fryes. I loved the cowgirl look of the fryes, but c'mon spaaaaaace boots!

Stock photo of boots
I am a wee bit disappointed in the boots, not for the quality or design, but the toe box IS a bit short. The toe area is made of leather though, so the boots are now currently resting in the freezer with the hope that the ice-method will stretch them out the little bit that's needed. I know they will stretch with time, but I want to spare my feet any amount of discomfort that would result from the breaking in process.

I've worn this outfit before. I didn't blog it, but I know this outfit will be one I'll actually repeat, probably exactly, again in the future.

Now for feedback - How do you feel about ankle boots? I personally love them. As a skinny-of-calf girl the fit of ankle boots compliments my legs. I know most aren't sold on the leg-chopping, but I actually like my ankles highlighted, either by ankle boot or pump-strap. I think it creates more balance to my skinny ankles.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Meditating Monday

Dress - All Saints, ebay
Tights - Target
Boots - Eject

Boots weather is setting in. I've got class tonight, so I picked a nice jersey dress, tights and my favorite purple boots. This outfit also finally gave me the opportunity to pull out the tie belt I kept for myself. I knew when I pulled this purple striped tie out, it would be staying with me. Probably a good thing too since the belt came out really short.

This is the other 'mullet' dress I bought over the summer. I got the graphic one from the same seller. Somehow despite being of very similar fabric, exact same cut, exact same size - this one was made like it was for someone 4 inches taller. I wound up creating seams at the shoulder to take up both the neckline (way too plunging) and make it actually fit.

These two dresses are going to be prime layering pieces. I wore the tights because after wearing the graphic dress, I realized mini-mullets are a great design idea, but wind blows! Good thing I wore a slip then. The tights keep the jersey material 'stuck down' a bit better. These tights are on their last wear. After pulling them on they now have three runs, one big snag in the knee. Need more sock dreams!

I start my meditation today. The weather is really nice, so I think I'll do it outside. Yay! And other fun downtime stuff - Some awesome person put up clips to Shortland Street (A New Zealand Soap... I'm not a soap opera person, but I love hospital shows so I've gotten sucked into this one!) that I've been watching when I've got 5 minutes here and there.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


 1. A lovely fish-scale pattern in pink, gold and eggplant with a silvery button
2. A khaki, blue and yellow blend with a large coppery brown button
3. A purple striped material with a large green button

For this edition of Sew Sunday I am giving away three button flowers. So I will be picking THREE winners! I have been so moved by the generosity of Ally. She gave me the ties to create the button flowers, then she ran her Post of the Year award (Who's winner is Ashley! Check that out here). Even though Ally's tie-creations are already gracing four bloggers other than myself, I wanted to continue to spread them around the blog-o-sphere.

You can see a couple of ways the flowers can be worn here and here, but you could also - attach to a hair band, wear it on your ponytail, wear on a jacket lapel, attach to a bobbypin to wear in your hair, pin to a skirt or belt for that extra embellishment, use a safety pin on the back to attach to a basic tee, pin to a wristcuff for a feminine bracelet. The possibilities are endless.

Giveaway ends on Thursday, September 29th, at Midnight (CST). So get your entry in before then.

How to enter:
- Be a US or Canadian resident (Sorry readers, keep a lookout for my world wide doodle giveaway this winter)
- Be A Follower of Megan Mae Daily and Comment on this post saying which flower you would prefer (give me an order of preference please) and leave a valid email address!

- Bonus entries: Tweet or Blog about this giveaway

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slow Hummingbird

  Tee - Theme, thrifted
Necklace - thrifted
Skinny jeans - One Star, thrifted new stock
Flats - Indigo by Clarks, ebay

Today's post comes in mutiple parts. First up on the agenda - yesterday's outfit. I got grease splatter on my shirt from cooking dinner (stir fry! yum!), and wound up just changing. I wasn't planning to photograph this, but I really loved how the little star necklace looked with this blue (mullet!) shirt. The star pendant was a goodwill find. There's a wonderfully sweet lady who works there that I've discussed my style preferences with - so she hooked me up! I wouldn't have noticed this necklace because it was hidden on a mannequin, but she pulled it right off for me. She also promised to keep an eye out for future stuff.

Part two: I used to have a Mission Statement page. It has now been renamed due to This Awesome Post. I really like the idea of having a personal mission/directive to my style and life aspirations. It's hard to put it all in words, but every time I've gone to edit that page, the text says everything I base my blogging on. The only thing that hasn't felt right is the title. While those things are my mission, they're only my "main" mission - there is so much I want to get involved with. Silly, yes. Nerd-gasm Happy inducing, absolutely.

Part three: Shooooooes These are the first of the ebay batch. These were a reasonable BIN, loved the shape and color, wish I had known to size down. They'll be a fine flat for winter, but they need socks or I feel a bit slide-y in them. The other pairs fit great though. So 3/4 perfect fit, awesome. These ARE comfortable nonetheless. I'll happily grab this brand again - in a size 6.

Part four: I feel like I've barely slowed down. I've been horribly sick, had test after test, got bad news, good news, and kept on running. I think now is a great time to talk about my Wellness project. I plan to begin meditation on a daily basis starting Monday. I feel like I'm cracking a bit at the seams, and I don't want this reflect through to the blog. Wish me luck.

(if you made it through all that, thanks!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tumbling Thursday

Top - Thrifted
Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Pumps - Poetic License, ebay

So I woke up feeling like a whole different person. No more sick! At least until I got hot, then felt kind ick, but I got home and cooled down. Hubs had a doctor's appointment, and my Goodwill is right near by. I'm still trying to find sleeved tops I don't hate so I dropped in. I managed to find 4 tops in 4 different colors so I felt accomplished. Oh! And only one was black. Also 3 out of 4 pairs of the ebay'd shoes showed up today! So lots of new goodies.

I decided to wear something comfortable, thinking I was meeting a classmate for studying, but we ended up rescheduling. The jeans and tank was actually pretty nice for today's weather, until I decided to walk around and then remembered I needed to go to the grocery. This is probably my favorite top. It's polyester though so it is rarely weather appropriate to wear alone.

Oh! And hopefully you can see the button flower in my hair. I actually think I'm going to keep this particular one for myself. I promise to get a close up/detail picture the next time I wear it, but this is just another idea on how to wear them. Don't forget Ally is taking votes for Post Of The Year Award, and I'd love it if you'd pop over and vote for me. Or someone else if you like their post! But there's some great blogs on the list, and they are all worth a good read.

Edited to add: Oh! And Please check me out in Wendy B's Snake and Colorblocked round up!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Jacket

 Jacket - Penta, thrifted
Black Tee - Gap
Jeans - X2 Denim Laboratory, thrifted
Pearl Hart Shoes - Fluevog
Trek Pin -, gift

This picture is deceiving, Not too long after this - I was very sick. I was up most of the night sick, spent the day sick and managed to get my work done - while laying in the floor at school (on a jacket, not the bare floor, promise). I feel much better, though exhausted this evening. Things got piled on too fast, and just too overwhelming. So I'll leave this post a little short.

The jacket was recently thrifted. I'm still unsure how to really wear it. It's shiny, got shoulders, and a very bright color. I was very excited about it, but I'm still unsure. Suggestions on what to wear it with? I almost wore my pink trousers, but after Hubs gave me the scandalized look, I decided some jeans would be okay. Although, these jeans need hemming or something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EBEW: Autumnal Flower

Tee - Banana Republic, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
Shoes - Farylrobin Qatar boots, ebay

I hardly know how to get dressed in fall. Like I don't know when is the *right* moment to start hitting the browns and oranges. Do I wait until it gets cool consistently, can I just declare it fall for myself and pull out the boots even though others are still sporting sandals? I hardly know, so if one of your readers thinks "What is she doing! It's too early for that!" you'll just have to forgive me.

I haven't really shown the power of the button flowers yet. In part because they don't really mesh with my personal style. Is it bad to create things that you, yourself, would not wear? Well I decided to eschew both my earlier ideas of wearing in my hair or on a lapel and decided to pin a button flower onto my DIY'd skirt! I actually liked it. The boots and bag kept the edginess, but the button flower was a neat little detail that brought interest to otherwise plain pieces.

This past week I've gone into the foray that is ebaying. I sold some shoes that weren't working for me and managed to come out with 4 new pairs en route to my house - with leftover money still in my paypal to go towards my Mom's pair of winter boots. I have to say a few things to readers who have considered either buying or selling - Ebaying is great if you know how to search. I got a pair of 99p boots (plus shipping) because I searched without looking for a specific Brand. Look for those auctions just about to end with no bids and a low starting price. It can be a gamble if you have fussy/hard to fit feet, but you may also come out with some deals. The fees of selling will personally deter me from making it a habit of selling via ebay. It's a great option to get back some of your investment on something you can't otherwise use, but if you can directly sell or consign for a good price - choose that option.

DIY | Everybody, Everywear

Monday, September 19, 2011


 Tee - Gap, thrifted
Skirt - All Saints
Belt - from my gunmetal Audra Jean harness
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted

Necklace close up
 While I did take the weekend off from blogging, I hardly could keep from dressing up! Two new things to the blog. Another All Saints skirt from the same collection as this top and my Live Long and Prosper necklace! I actually bought the necklace awhile ago, but realized belatedly that the shop was on vacation. The necklace has been on my wishlist for awhile. It's more delicate than I expected, but that's actually good in my opinion. I hate heavy jewelry because it tends to get on my nerves by the end of the day. I actually forgot I had this on after awhile. So A+. Also the seller wrote me a personalized note, and wrapped the necklace up in a lovely Science officer blue paper and a box.

The skirt was different than I was expecting. I meant to buy this as a winter skirt and the other for summer. But the fabrics were much different than I expected. I can still toss thick tights on and wear this one for winter, but I felt like a princess floating around in this today. The color inspiration came from a photo I saw on Pinterest, but I've been unable to find the photo since - I don't think I repinned it. Anyway, I keep hearing plaids are big for fall (again) so this skirt happily joined my closet.

This outfit was worn to see the Lion King with a new school friend. I'm making so many friends this year, both on blog and off-blog. It's very exciting!

Edited to add: The front details are hitched/pick-ups.  Check out the skirt on the actual site for better detail shots.

Sew Sunday Ties Part 2

Click to embiggen
Ties part 2:

I spend Sunday night finally sitting down for some "Me-Time" and decided to finally tackle the button flowers I had planned to make. I ended up with nine after about an hour and a half of working (and watching Grey's Anatomy). All sorts of colors and buttons and patterns. Some little, some big. I'm not sure where or who will end up with these. If they'll be flying solo or if they'll grace a headband or wrist cuff, but the flowers themselves got made this weekend.

The flowers are perfect for tacking on blazers, headbands, hats, cardigans, on a ponytail hairband or wearing on an elastic around your wrist. They'd be a great project to create a DIY statement necklace if you have complementary ties or even plain fabric and some buttons.

Cut a round of fabric. Doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, just watch for fabrics that ravel a bunch. Run a basic gathering stitch around the outer edge of the circle, pulling the 'flower' together. Then flatten the fabric, draw the needle down through the middle to secure. Loop the needle back up and grab your button. Without even cutting the thread you should be able to sew the button down onto the flower, covering up the rough cut gathered edge.

Some suggestions - bigger buttons look best, pick a basic two or four regular holed button. Ones with the holes underneath (solid on top) or large holed will show the ragged edges too much.

Ties Part 1 has been nominated for Ally of Shybiker's Post Of The Year Award! You could follow that link and check out the nominees and vote for me if you like. But there are lots of wonderful posts you should check out and consider voting for.

See the ties worn here , here, and here.  

Edited to add: Some button flowers will be gifted to The Contributor paper sellers I know. A program I support quite heartily.

Original box of ties

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taking Off

Sammycat says - Megan will see you on Monday!

Hey Guys, I'm taking this weekend off from blogging to decompress, celebrate the Taller-Half's birthday, and spend some quality me-time. I may or may not be able to comment, but I will be sure to check out my reader feed before next week.

In the mean time, if you still need some MMD goodness:

Go check out past Fashion Challenges. Get pumped because Keely and I are already scheming about the next two!

Why not read my thrifting tips and go have a budget-friendly shopping trip this weekend?

Feeling crafty? Check out my Sew Sunday projects, maybe you'll be inspired to try something new.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hubby.

Dress - All Saints, ebay
Tie-dye Socks - gift
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Happy 26th Birthday to D! Sucks that his birthday fell on a Friday because we're both in classes and running around like chickens without heads. Of course, I couldn't finish out this awesome weathered week with another All Saints debut. This fabulous dress was actually picked out by D, the man himself. I don't know if you can tell in the photo but this particular dress is of the hi-low variety (see Wendy B's mullet dress posts). While D picked out this dress, I couldn't help grabbing it AND the exact same dress in another colorway (charcoal with white stripes).

It's hard to make out the graphic, and I would have included a close-up - but to be honest it wouldn't have helped much. It's an abstract design that makes you see different things in it. What do you see in it? Highlight here to see what I see. (I see a woodland scene ending in a lake with stars reflected in it)

This picture give you an idea about the swishyness of the back of the skirt part and the other colorway. I had to wear a slip due to the wind. I need to either make or invest in some pettipants. I like shorter skirts, but I don't know how other ladies get away with not showing their goods by accident! But these dresses will be fantastic for layering up as the temps drop. Adding skirts, adding tights, adding some OTK boots! *Swoon!*

Also I'm excited to say my Fryes have sold on ebay in less than 24 hours, and the Vogs are on their way to being sold. This is extra exciting because it means - New Shoes! I've got my eye on two pairs on ebay right now and from the Frye cost alone I may be able to get both if I win the auctions. Either way, I'm happy to say the experience has been a good one.

Edit for confusion: The back of the dress picture is of the OTHER dress, not the one I'm wearing above. I took some pics for a friend to share before I debuted the actual pieces and only got one photo of the back of one dress.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Link Up Love

 Tee - thrifted
Skirt - BBDakota, swap
Bellevue Pumps - Fluevog

I want to start today to say Thank You! to everyone who stops by my blog and comments, emails me replies, or otherwise makes this blog go. The support is overwhelmingly awesome. Today I want to link up to some of my favorite blogs around the blog-o-sphere.

First up, Sheila is an amazing lady. While not my same size, we still manage to keep an eye out for each other, and she sent me this gorgeous yellow skirt earlier this year. It's been a bit hot to wear it since it's a wee bit thick material, but today was glorious for this outfit. The tee was a thrifted piece. I just wish it were cotton or even jersey, instead of polyester. I had to wear my favorite Vogs today; I wish the black ones fit like these.

Heather is one of the first recipients of Ally's tie-project belts. It fits her like a dream, and I hope she and her daughter are able to agree on who gets to wear the wrist-cuff first! I want to dig into my crafts again, but I've got to clean up the mess of a room I've got right now.

Go over and congratulate Eek on braving the consignment stores! She needs encouragement to weather the funky smells and dig her claws into the world of thrifting. How fab does she look in that green dress?!

And now to plug myself: Go check out my Closet Shop, clothing items will only be there for one more day. Then I will be taking the clothes and PL pumps to donation. Fluevogs and Fryes will go up on ebay unless I get some interest here. Going going gone! Vogs and Fryes are up on ebay if you want to try for 'em.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hit the ground [running]

Cupid Blouse - All Saints, ebay
Jeans - American Eagle, gifted
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Cuffs - target (red), vintage (black)

I went full speed today. Met up with a classmate to help, ended up having lunch and coffee with her. It was actually a fun day even though we were doing work. I didn't get any sleep last night after receiving bad news about the move. It's apparently off the table now, but I am going down to my mom's anyway this weekend to help her out with setting everything up for living on her own. I was pretty upset (read: pissed), but I'm taking this blip in the plans and running with it. I'm too busy to let it slow me down.

I needed something comfortable, but dressed up enough to combat the bad night. This All Saints blouse was an ebay find (BIN, NWT). I'd been admiring it on the site, but was critical of the weird collar and large sleeve - the BIN price was really cheap so I snapped it up. In the end, the fit was incredible, and I liked the deconstructed collar. I even think it might be nice for layering in the future. Admittedly I liked it so much, I got the skirt (off their site) from the same colorway/design. I'm completely won over by their cut of clothing. It's nice to wear things cut to fit a body (at least my body).

I will still be leaving up the Shop My Closet/Swap My Closet page. The clothing will be there for another week or so, until I get around to heading by Goodwill for donation. The shoes will be available until I find a buyer or swapper interested. I figure a good purge is probably still a good idea.

Edited to add: Please go check out our fab participants round up over at Casual Chic Kiki for the last Fashion Challenge!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dress - ny collection, thrifted
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Boots - Frye

Keeping up with my personal pact. I'm totally going to wear the outfit I want. And stop saving 'em goshdarnit! I had this outfit hanging on my clothing rack paired together. Inspired by Stargate SG-1's military jump suits. I thrifted this olive colored dress because the cotton was sooo soft. It's also a great weather transitional piece and will be fantastic to layer when it gets cooler. The gunmetal shade of leather is actually pretty amazing. It picks up cool silvers or warm browns depending on what it's worn with. Making it a perfect neutral.

Don't forget to check out my Shop/Swap page! I'm moving in a week and so the items will only be available until the move! There's Fluevog, Frye and more. I've got everything up now. Get it before it's gone.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Loving Layers

Blouse - cable and gauge, thrifted
Skirt - Gap, thrifted
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Wrist cuff - target

Ah, hot weather is back. Not too hot, but enough that I can pull out some more sleeveless tops and skirts. Although I'll probably toss on jeans and a cardigan for class tonight. My college has a policy to only turn the heat on ONCE which means they leave the air running until it gets cold and stays cold. And with the bi-polar weather, it's impossible to be comfortable in the same clothes the whole day.

I've seen this wrist cuff on Hillary (in black) and wanted it like crazy. I currently don't live near a target, but happened to go to one with my mom over the weekend. I saw this (in red!) and had to have it. I nearly fell over at the price (for a cuff!) , but it is nice quality and hey - it fits around my head and can do double duty. I still want it in black, or another in red, but I will wait for clearance for another.

Also because of the coming move - I've got a swap/sale page up. I've currently only have two pairs of shoes up. I've already tossed two pairs of sandals into the donation pile. Please check out this page periodically over the next week or so. I will attempt to get some more stuff up before sending it to goodwill. I'm having to scale back on stuff since we're actually going to have less storage space where we're moving. And hey, you might find a good deal or two!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life issues

*This is my I-can-read-your-mind face*
 Dress - Allen B, thrifted
Harness - Audra Jean
Booties - Farylrobin, ebay

So it's pretty much official enough to warrant posting here: D and I are moving! My mom's roommate is no longer going to be residing in the apartment and so we're taking her offer of taking over the apartment. She will still be living there, but it will be much more independent living than D and I have ever done (in nearly 7 years of togetherness). This is both terrifying and exciting. We're really looking forward to it.

On the other hand it seems like bad news is being handed to us right and left. We've had to buy another (expensive) college book, our laptop stopped booting entirely after 8 months or so of perfect working order (and very light use), our bank is no longer offering free checking (and only decided NOW to inform us that it will cost a minimum of $48 a year to maintain the account - and extra $10 a month if we don't meet the other fee requirements).

I hardly know where to start these days. I like to believe I'm the character who has to have a house dropped on them before a happy ending, but maybe that's just the optimist that's managed to survive in me.

And now back to the fashion - this navy and white striped dress was thrifted fairly recently. I fell in love with the hood, the non-cap sleeve and the length (to my actual knee!) It'll be a great layering piece, but was perfection for today's not-quite hot weather. I can't put away the booties, I'm dying to pull out my OTK boots, but they'll stay away for just awhile longer. Also gel liner - might possibly be the best thing ever.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Remix Week: Summer Top for Fall

Cardigan - xhileration, swap
 Blouse - Express, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Belt - thrifted

Arrrrg, so I pre-wrote this post last night and frustratingly the internet ate it. But here it is. Restyling my fun summer white ruffle top. I decided to stick with the summer into fall trend of red jeans, flat sneakers because Fridays are really really long days for me. My new punk belt and a cardigan from Keely. I am currently posting on my lunch break, but I hope to get around to reading everyone's blogs today and seeing how you all styled up your summer tops.

Here are some other ways of styling my white top (Sorry for the lack of link backs, no time today, will try to edit later):

Don't forget to send Keely your photo for a roundup post!

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remix Week: New!

 Top - DIY'd thrifted, GAP
Skirt - All Saints
Belt, shoes - thrifted
Bag - Ecko red, thrifted

Alternative titles for today: "Gothic Lolita ain't got nothin' on this skirt" and "Irritation Nation"

First the skirt! That's my new for the day. A to-die-for floofy All Saints skirt. The first of many (too many) fall/winter All Saints goodies I snagged while on sale. This particular skirt is from this past summer, but it's actually quite heavy, though cotton. So it'll probably be Fall through Spring. The underskirt is insanely amazing. I adore it. I knew that I would stalk this thing and grab it on sale. I had to get it a size too big since all the smaller ones were sold out, but I easily added a seam to the waistband - so it can be let out if it ever gets too small! I used to love lurking in the EGL communities on livejournal in my teens but never had the guts to throw down with the brand name stuff. So this is my "grown up" throwback to that.

The top is actually a modified thrifted cardigan. I bought it even though it was weirdly wide. It was like there were two extra unnecessary panels. So I moved the buttons over to the next seam creating a sort of wrap-style shirt. Tacking everything loose down. I know oatmeal/tan isn't my best color so I slipped on some dark lippie to add some color to my face.

Now for the irritation - Hubs has lost his keys! Bizarre. We had them when we came home yesterday, he has a tray for his man-essentials but they're nowhere to be found. We luckily have back up keys for everything, but it's still insanely weird that they haven't turned out.

Edit: He found them in his jacket pocket. D;

Today's challenge was an opportunity to start pulling out those new things. Are you a person who lets the new stuff sit so you "don't mess it up"? Don't want to wear it out? Do you "save" clothing? I'm terrible (like really bad, just wait til the shopping ban starts, and we'll see how long before I run out of new stuff) about it so that's why I included this in remix week. Give those items you already have a good run. I mean, hey you bought 'em already.

 Spin, spin sugar ......................................... Cancan, I can!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remix Week: Summer Dress in Fall

 Dress - All Saints
Jacket - Sisley, thrifted
Boots - farylrobin, ebay
Bag - Red by ecko, thrifted

So technically this isn't today's outfit. Hubs and I decided we needed a little date night, so I got all gussied  up last night to go eat at Cracker Barrel (hee!). I wanted to give this dress one last wear before storing it with my other summer-only clothes. Some people love to have all their clothes available all the time, but I find it easier to have some stuff that works on certain seasons. That way when you turn around, it's like shopping without spending money. You just gotta make sure those items don't become like Tuesday's. Bring those seasonal items to the front when needed.

And speaking of spending money, these Farylrobin booties were an impulse buy. Snagged on ebay as a BIN. I'm usually drawn visually to high heels, but my knees know better than to wear anything with a rise difference that's too great. (And I'm a big listener to my knees) I took a gamble and was pleasantly surprised. Look out Sunday for the full low-down. I'm so happy to be able to pull these out now.

A tan jacket and ankle booties are great methods for autumn-izing a summer dress. This jacket is the best. I'm not-so-secretly thinking about putting elbow patches on it.

Have you been watching our participants this week? Gained any new ideas? Participants, don't forget to send Keely an image of yourself to include in a roundup!

In the interest of disclosure, this dress is only down to a $20 PPW. Thankfully the good quality and unique design should have me wearing it for a long time. Not to mention when I get bored I can dye it. And I maybe entertain ideas of dip dying the skirt of this dress a bright pink. I don't even wear pink! Maybe a dusty blue. Hrm. Check out other ways I've styled this white dress:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remix Week: Lost/Forgotten

 Tee - thrifted
Jeans - X2 Denim Factory, thrifted
Shoes - Eject, ebay
Jacket - Valentino Roma, etsy
Today the jeans were lost and forgotten. I got these in the summer. They're a heavier dark denim so that got worn only once before being filtered to the bottom of the pile. They've got a great fit though. I had to hem them myself and they are still a bit long. It's still rainy and miserable today so I wanted some jeans and tshirt. A little old, a little new. My favorite eject shoes, a new tee, some jeans and a new jacket. I think these jeans will happily come out more often now that the weather is cooling (for now).

Speaking of jackets, I'm sorta debuting stuff this week. Even though it's Remix Week, I'm trying to get tangible with my clothing. Especially the stuff that hasn't been worn yet. I never quite get a feel for how to wear a garment until I've worn it a few times. This jacket just arrived in the mail. I wanted to get a shot of it right away. I have lusted after this jacket for months. After trying to find anything that could trump it, nothing could. I'm amazed at the fit too. So perfect. Not to mention the seller was incredibly nice and supremely helpful.

Have you checked out our participants?  What items have fallen to the back of your closet lately? Try pulling them out and breathing new life into them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Remix Week: Old Favorite

Tee - Old Navy, gift
Skirt - Vintage, thrifted
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Jacket - F21, thrifted

Welcome to the Fourth installment of Fashion Challenge. We've got a fabulous bunch of participants that you should definitely check out. Just hearing about the challenge? Feel free to join in. We're only accepting additional participants through the end of the week. But for those who find it late and still want to play - Go ahead and grab some inspiration from these ideas.

My outfit today is taking inspiration from my favorite vintage silk skirt.  I love red bottoms, they're so chic. This outfit is loosely inspired by a look I saw on Pinterest. Mom gifted me this long sleeved tee. And what perfect timing because Saturday was 100F and after a day of rain we're down to 60F with - well lots of rain.

I tossed on my newly thrifted pleather jacket because the tee wasn't quite warm enough. I added my hematite necklace and ring to bring a little more black into the outfit. Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day if you're in the US or just a fabulous Monday elsewhere!

Here are other ways I've remixed this skirt: