Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fruits Week: Watermelon

Dress - NY&Co, thrifted
Belt - TJMaxx
Shoes - Zazz, vintage, thrifted

 I tried getting out of the direct sun today! We don't really have a shady side to our house, and the cicadas have been all over the trees, plants, and - well, everything. They're beginning to die off now so I ventured into the yard. I'm also debuting my new green shoes! Well thrifted, vintage, new-to-me. I fell hard in love with these. They are a half size too big, they're not in the best shape, but my green shoe obsession said I could get $3.50 of wear out of them. I cleaned them up with a magic eraser, added some oil around the straps and foot petals to keep my feet from sliding too hard on the thin straps.

Today is Watermelon Day! I picked my red-orange dress and added green-rind shoes and seed-black belt and cami.Watermelons just spell summer to me. As a kid growing up my mom would sit me on the porch with half a watermelon and a spoon. I would eat the whole thing because Georgia summers would sap the moisture right out of you.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fruits Week: Lemon Lime

Dress - Hypnotik, thrifted
Harness - Audra Jean 
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Welcome to Fruits Week! The fruit(s) of the day is Lemon Lime! Some of my favorite flavors. I've worn this dress/harness combo before, and it worked perfectly to go see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with my mom. Yellow boots paired for easy walking. The harness makes a fantastic summer accessory in my opinion. It's not hot to wear, but adds a good layering element.

That said, I got soaked in this outfit. Mom and I got caught in a downpour on the way to the bus, and then on the walk back to her apartment. Thankfully all the leather dried out alright. I'm over these rains though. It started out so sunny, but the weather is so strange right now. Anyway, this dose of color is just what I needed to really look forward to the rest of this week.

Are you participating this week? Want to be included in the Fruits Week Round Up? Email Keely at kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com with your favorite outfit from Fruits Week and what fruit you were channeling.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mister and Missus

Suit - Calvin Klein
Tie - Thrifted
Shoes - Florsheim
Top - La Belle, thrifted
Pedalpushers - Banana Republic, thrifted
Paris Pumps - Fluevog
 Click pics to embiggen.

A rare Husband sighting! D was dressed up all snazzy for a job interview, and I had to get pics of him! He hasn't quite gotten the blogger-pose down yet. We finally found a slimmer cut suit at an affordable price that only needed minor alterations. I never knew menswear was so difficult! I can't wait to be able to go back for the tan suit we passed up though. ♥

About my outfit, I found these ankle pants back in like... January or something ridiculous. I've worn them around the house a bunch, but couldn't figure out a way to really make them work. So I tried cuffing them up and adding big buttons to the cuff. Much better, but then I kept getting stumped by color. They're a tiny striped pant that's not really grey or brown or well any real color. So I did the logical thing and paired with black and metallic. I think if I treat them more like a medium warm grey they'll be easier to wear.

One last reminder, Fruits Week starts tomorrow! Feel free to join in any time!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Color Me Ready

 Dress - UO urban renewal, thrifted
Cardigan - Studio Y, thrifted
Moccasins - Minnetonka, gifted&thrifted

I could spend today talking about my hair. But I've spoken about it enough. (seriously, just read this.)  Instead, I'm going to talk about how excited I am for next week! It's FRUITS WEEK! If you don't already know about click that link or the badge in my sidebar. →

Today's weather wasn't really ready for this dress - but I'm tired of waiting and "saving" things. So I tossed on a cardigan. It's been meltingly hot, then humid rainy, then about 14 hours of cool weather before it's hot enough to melt your eyeballs. So frustrating! Not to mention the cicadas (gross!)

This outfit - is entirely thrifted! This dress is from Urban Outfitters urban renewal. I'm guessing that whoever bought it ordered a Medium; it didn't fit, and so they donated it. It's a scratchy linen blend too - so I probably wouldn't have loved paying $40-50 for it, but I only spent $4 on it. Win! Mom thrifted these moccasins for me. They're really my around the house shoes due to the soft soles, but I've really warmed to them and want a pair with hard soles. This cardigan was a weird purchase. It's an odd color (I call it cantaloupe), but it actually 'goes' with a lot of things I own.

(Additionally, it seems my followers widget has disappeared and I can't see them on other blogs either. Anyone else having this problem?) The issue seems to be fixed now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Silk Tank - The Limited, thrifted
Crazy Skirt - Miss Me, thrifted
Shoes - Liz Claiborne, thrifted

Okay I'm not sure where my head is this week. I've been insanely busy in the Real World. I've still be getting dressed, and in fact taking pictures. I've been away from the computer though. Today was spent at my Mom's I wore loose thin fabrics because it was super hot. I loved this outfit... but I don't love how it photographed. Ah well, it was perfect for the weather. And I love this skirt, even though I forced it a bit to spring-a-tize it. Ultimate awesome - All items were thrifted! Hopefully I can get all caught up on my blogroll soon.

Tee - Target newstock, thrifted
Jeans - NY&Co, thrifted
Socks - gifted
Shoes - Fly London

I wore this outfit sometime earlier this week. I needed this outfit for a quick out of the house run, but I liked it enough to snap a picture of it. My hair is getting to a better stage. It's still a bit crazy some days, but overall I'm liking it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pops of Red

Knit shell - Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, thrifted
Skirt - Dj&Co, thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Fly London

Digging through my drawers today, I realized 75% of my tops are black or grey. I keep shopping for colorful tops, but either they don't exist or something. I've been looking for a yellow top to go with this skirt, but I think it's become a matter of this skirt just not meshing with my wardrobe. I've gotten better at getting things that generally work together and project the same personal style, but this skirt is sort of a sore thumb in my closet. Soo I think it's going into my swap pile.

Fruits Week is less than a week away!! Have you signed up yet?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Running in Heels

Tank dress -  Faded Glory
LBD - All Saints
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Chinese Laundry, thrifted

Today was errand day. Hubs had lots of Important Phone Calls to make, we had more papers to deliver to school, and some minor shopping - I even got some driving in. I decided to give my newly thrifted shoes a run for their money (I did take them off to drive!), but they were surprisingly comfy and made me feel giant-tall. We grabbed some on the go pics in a stairwell. Loved the light here!

Who says red and black can't be summery? This dark-girl here doesn't. I am drawn back to black clothes again and again. It hasn't felt like summer yet in many parts of the world Northern Hemisphere. I've had deja vu like moments where it feels like autumn. Kasmira has been showing her Little Black Dresses in honor LBD Event on June 3rd. And while I won't be able to participate then because of Fruits Week - I did want to highlight all the ways I've worn my LBD here:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Pet Peeves

Dress - En Focus Studio, thrifted, shortened
Tee - Talbots, thrifted
Flats - United Nude
Bracelets - gift from Sarina
Earrings - via Mom

I'm sure this topic has been talked to death today, but since I do enjoy answering questions and Modly Chic so kindly provides them... Here we go, my blogging pet peeves**:
  1. Cluttered designs/Difficult to read due to background - I know we all have fun with the design editor, but please please please use an opaque (not see-through) design. Especially if you have text. It's impossible for me to read what you've got to say if your background is fusing through everything. I'm not a big fan of the wibiya or whatever or any of those header/footer obscuring widgets.
  2. Photo-only blogs - I'm sure you own some nice stuff, have a nice camera, and live in a place that seems to be permanently in twilight, but I like to make friends. Really. I care about getting to know the blogs I read. I'd rather follow a blog with something good to say than the best eye candy.
  3. Spam filters/Disqus - While these two things don't keep me from reading a blog, they do affect how easily/quickly I am able to comment. I like to be able to scroll back up or have your post open while I comment. It's really hard if your comment form goes to another page, pops up a thing. Additionally, having to type captcha slows me down in commenting. I'm not a robot, promise.  I like the idea of Disqus and did have it on MMD for a time, but I've hit upon the fact that in some cases I cannot get Disqus to load at all. I can't comment! 
And because I don't want to be a downer today - Go check out these awesome links:
**Edited to add: These pet peeves are not meant to be negative, but are a reflection of accessibility and what I prefer when looking for blogs to read. This list isn't going to stop me from reading, but will make it harder for me to connect to a new blog. I know some people found today's topic negative, but I think we need to address the "concerns" alongside the "positive".

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    What's black and white and red all over?

     Cami - NY&Co
    Cardi, skirt (H&M) - thrifted
    Belt - TJMaxx
    Shoes - Fly London
    Feeling much more invigorated today. I got dressed and headed out to.. well Goodwill. The intention was looking for Hubby some new work shirts, but the men's section was obliterated in his size. I browsed for myself while waiting for a ride home and managed to find... two pairs of shoes. Oops. I finally found some white sandals. They had elements of the Frye Kelsey shoes I had been lusting after (sold out though!). These have a nice low heel though and are much more walkable than 4 inch pumps.

    Speaking of 4 inch pumps.. I also got green sandals. Pretty sure these are vintage, though I'm unsure of the decade. They are loved and need some TLC but I couldn't put them back. You'll see them again during Fruits Week. All in all, I'm only out $7 total.

    Inspiration: Fruits

    Having trouble trying to decide whether or not to join Fruits Week? Need some inspiration? I pulled together 5 looks on Polyvore to get the creative juices flowing.

    (Sorry for no OOTD post for Wednesday, life happens.)

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Suit Myself

    Blouse - LOFT, thrifted
    Blazer - Sisley, thrifted
    Trousers - Studio Max, thrifted
    Boots - Frye
    I love this blazer. I wear it when I want to feel skinny and tall. It's so perfectly cut I wish I had it in a million colors. Anyway, I hung this thrifted shirt in beside it and knew I wanted to wear them together sometime. It's been miserable weather-wise this past week. Grey and chilly. Quite out of character for this time of year.

    My current hair is finally beginning to leave Bieber-stage and is moving into Samantha Carter/Amanda Tapping-stage. I'm want to try some kind product to bring out the texture more a la Sam Carter. I had my mom trim up the back last time I visited her. It's not noticeable in blog photos, but it's infinitely less frizzy/crunchy now. I adore razor cuts, but hate growing them out.

    Anyway, don't forget to check out the next Fashion Challenge!

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Black and White Out

    Headband - DIY project
    Tunic Dress - NY&Co, gift
    Tee - Old Navy
    Jeans - target thrifted new stock
    Boots - Fluevog
    Today I want to talk about my traffic via Google. I love seeing what phrases bring people to my little edge of the internet.
    "megan mae daily" : Hooray! You found me via my blog name - And spelled correctly too! Thanks!
    "are you interested for a swap" : Possibly! Feel free to shoot me an email. Don't be shy.

    "diy leather bracer" : Hey cool, I totally did a project about that here.
    "leather skirt blog" : Alright! Yes I have lots of these - Check out my leather skirt outfits under the label 'leather'.
    "nude spring break 2011" : Um sorry, I'm sure you got directed to my spring break outfits, but there is not porn, only United Nude shoes. Thanks for the pageviews though!
    "girls in hot blue jeans" : Yeah, again sorry - but this one I couldn't figure out. The blue jeans are hot? Dangling modifiers aren't cool, dude.

    For those who weren't here looking for girls in hot blue jeans - Hopefully you checked out Kimberly of Fab Finds under 50 and her amazing Inspiration Calendar. You'll see me on today's date for Black and White Out! I got this very summery tunic as a gift from my MIL a while back. Because it is super thin and summery, I tried styling this tunic a bit like an outfit I saw from the All Saints look book to keep from freezing today.

    Anyway, don't forget to check out the next Fashion Challenge!

    (Linkapalooza today, guys.)

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Fashion Challenge: Fruits Week

    Welcome to the second edition of Fashion Challenge hosted by myself and the Uber Fantastic Keely of Casual Chic Kiki. You may remember our last Fashion Challenge: Super Stripes. This time we wanted to freshen things up with a taste of summer to pull everyone into the warmer months (Or let those in cooler weather bring some color into their colder months).

    This challenge will run from Monday, May 30th, to Saturday, June 4th. Giving you two whole weeks to plan! To be included in the participants list, you must leave a comment on this post. You can participate in one day or all six. Feel free to grab the badge above and post it to your blog. Each day will be assigned a "fruit" to take inspiration from. Here are the contenders:

    Megan Mae of Megan Mae Daily
    Keely of Casual Chic Kiki
    Taylor of It's My Cardi
    Londyn of blogfashion (Starting late)
    H&K of H&K Style Journey 
    laniza of Getting Fine (Fashion, Fitness, and More)
    Twills of The Vanity Project
    Shygirl of A Shy Girl Talks About Clothes
    Sal Kaye of Still Dark 
    Robin of FranniePantz
    Claire of Spinning Threads

    Are you participating this week? Want to be included in the Fruits Week Round Up? Email Keely at kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com with your favorite outfit from Fruits Week and what fruit you were channeling.

    International Fluevog Day!!

    Top, bracelet (homegrown via Mom) - vintage
    Jeans - NY&Co, cut off
    Boots - Fluevog, ebay

    Today is International Fluevog Day! They've got some deals going on both in store and online. As you may know, I'm a fairly recent Fluevogian convert. But I sing the praises of the brand quite highly for many reasons.

    Fluevog shoes are: Walkable, Unique, Extremely well made. Cheaper than any Choos or Louboutins by a fraction of the cost, funkier designs and I'd garner more comfortable and durable as well. Check out my  collection:

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Blind Optimism

    Top - Velocity, thrifted
    Skirt - Kohls
    Pumps - Poetic License, ebay
    Ring - inherited Mom
    Today is all about some blind optimism. Hubs lost his part time job. It's been a long time coming (him working in an overstaffed store). He's been in the works of a job-change for nearly a month now, so hopefully this will give us the push we need to start making some good changes. But it also means we have no income right this minute. But the great thing is that I have a blog that I can use to keep me pumped up. Things I'm optimistically planning for: Remix challenges (Check out this weekend's post for more info if you want to play along!), Sew Sunday (I have available supplies and finally some time!), DIY projects, and finally digging into my stockpiled thrifted goodies. I have so much new stuff that's unworn!

    As evidenced by today. I picked up this top - sometime. I'm always on the lookout for funky cotton tops and this one definitely fit the bill.  It goes against every thing I ever said about fashion. It's got poof sleeves, a high neckline, stripes (I keep saying I have too many!), and I'm even pairing red and purple thanks to D's suggestion of these pumps. I actually really love the play of all these pieces together.
    I added my mom's amethyst ring to help add some more purple. I got this ring from her awhile back but it's yet to be sized. So I cheated by using the band-aid method to size it down for my tiny fingers. One day I hope to have the stones reset or at least get the ring properly resized.

    (Did I have enough parenthetical statements today?)

    Thursday, May 12, 2011


    Tank - LOFT
    Skirt - thrifted
    Belt - Guess, via Keely
    Lela Rose pump-wedges - Payless
    This week has turned into Re-Utilize Week. I first wore my yellow Fluevog boots and incorporated them into the next day's outfit. Then I used the same belt from Monday in Tuesday's outfit. Now I'm using the same shoes from yesterday in today's! I've been wanting to do a week like this for awhile, but I've apparently started it unintentionally.

    I bought this tank awhile back for like $5 from Ann Taylor LOFT on super duper clearance. I loved the fit, but after one wash it went screwy. It's mostly turned into a weekend/laze around top since it's sort of loose and oversized, but it worked perfectly in this outfit.

    How's your Wednesday going?

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Strawberry Swirl

    Dress - All Saints
    Belt - thrifted
    Lela Rose Wedges - Payless
    Bag - Tyler Rodan

    Today was errand day. I had to go and pick up my (second pair of) Fluevog boots up from the shoes repair place!! They were on sale at the same time as my yellow ones and in the same size from another seller. They were also a significantly cheaper BIN. As soon as I got the yellows one in the mail and tried them on - I immediately ordered the other ones. They needed new heel caps and a little TLC to the toes, but $17 later they're good as new**. If not better because they're already broken in. My Fluevog obsession only grows.

    I normally never buy multiples - not even in camis - but these boots really struck a cord in my heart. They remind me fit and feel of my beloved Chuck Taylors. I wore only Chucks from grades 7 to 12. I didn't even bother with any other shoes. I owned something like 9 pairs. So I ordered the black 'vogs too. Oops!

    EBAY FTW!~
    After dropping off some forms to the college,  I decided since it's hitting the 90s today that we needed ice cream. Hubs got himself some banana and coconut (1/2 pint each) to take home and I ate my pistachio on the way home. This dress is my 'ice cream dress'. It's swirled neckline reminds me of how those swirled ice cream cones look.

    ** Remember that if your favorite pair of shoes are looking a little beat up, a good shoe repair place can replace heel caps, fix buckles, exchange heels, even do some repairs you might not thought possible. So don't give them up, have them fixed!

    Monday, May 9, 2011


    Converse dress - thrifted new stock
    Belt, Scarf - thrifted
    Boots - John Fluevog, thrifted

    Why, yes, I am wearing the same shoes two days in a row! I usually don't do that if only to keep my feet flexible and give my shoes a break. But I want to wear these with everything. In response to Melissa's question from yesterday - I have a pulled thigh muscle that I irritated further by all the running around last week/end. I'm actually feeling better today. But I still opted for a cottony dress and flat boots for ultimate Monday comfort. Looking at 90 degree days by Wednesday.

    Every time I put on this belt I flash back to the scene in Devil Wears Prada where Miranda is dressing a model for an editorial or something and Andy walks in and laughs that the whole group is sighing over how different the two teal belts are. And then Miranda pwns her by explaining how something as simple as a specific shade or color can make a big difference. I'm not that intense about clothing, but it is a great little reminder that little details still matter.

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Happy Mother's Day

    Silk Tee- Talbots, thrifed
    Cardi - Studio Y, thrifted
    Trousers - Studio Max, thrifted
    Boots - John Fluevog, ebay
    Mom and I had our girls day earlier this week. I spent part of today with my Mother in Law, but mostly it's just been me and Hubs today. I did drive everyone over to the restaurant and later drove to the store. I'm very proud that I'm gaining confidence but I'm certainly not fond of driving.

    I decided to go for some tonal pairings today after touching up my henna last night. I used a boxed dye a few weeks ago to address the roots but it really dulled my hair. Both this cardigan and the trousers were from yesterdays shopping adventures. Hooray for new things. These pants were majorly comfortable. My left thigh muscle has been very painful since last night. So pajama-feeling clothes will be on the menu for a couple of days.

    I also wanted to ask is anyone interested in a "How to Henna"? I did a little crash course of information last year, but I wondered if there was specific interest in a how-to.

    SuperDuper Saturday: May

    To start the day I decided that I would, in fact, go to Super 50%off Saturday at Goodwill. My intention was to shop for more than myself, in addition to checking things out. I had a more narrow line of thought for my shopping this time. I found my mom: A lane bryant buttondown and 4 different square dinner plates (she collects them!). I found Hubs a green slim cut buttondown and a Born brand buttondown!

    For myself I found a green and cream sundress, a black sheer tunic thing, two long sleeve graphic shirts (Found tossed up on a rack, kismet?), A red buttondown, a pair of sailor trousers (I'm a sucker for $2), a 'honeysuckle' cardigan (short sleeve), and a super 80s iridescent spotted top. Mostly looked for layering pieces, transitional pieces and stuff that was just really unique. I spent just under $18 on myself - which is admittedly not as super awesome as my Wednesday 5 pieces of clothing for $4.95, but a significant haul of stuff that I feel plugged some wardrobe holes - which will hopefully let me curb my shopping for the rest of summer.

    Then I met up with friends to go to the Art Crawl again. My best friend is heading to DC for a fellowship this summer so we wanted to catch up while we could. Hubs and another friend were also with us.

    Me and Michael chillin' in the Rymer
     Click to Embiggen
    Two installations and Street performers! - Yes they're juggling fire!

    Dress - All Saints
    Harness - Audra Jean plus my chains added to D rings
    Boots - Frye
    What I wore! Yes that's a bathroom picture. We didn't have many opportunities to stop for pictures, so I snapped this quick one myself. I have been getting dressed lately. Promise! I got the idea thanks to a great suggestion from Melissa via Twitter. She suggested "Black and Metal" - Well here it is!

    I finished up the day with a henna application. Unfortunately it seems I've pulled a muscle with all the walking/running I've been doing lately so I'm having to baby it now and tiger balm it.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

     Necklace - ???
    Shirt - NY&Co.
    Skirt - thrifted
    Pumps - Attention Paris, Fluevog
    Woo! Final turning in of work, and a good little thrifting day. I switch out for flats while shopping, and managed to find two pairs of jeans, a top, a dress, and a pair of men's trousers for under $5. I feel so accomplished today!

    This skirt is from last month's thrifting adventures. It's got a nearly metallic army green color and a very retro fit. I wish I owned a curling iron so I could have done some wavy 40s hair, but alas - I do not. One thing I appreciate about growing up with my grandparents is the exposure to "Oldies" music. I don't have very much knowledge of pop culture before the 90s, but I love some oldies.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011


     T-scarf - DIY project
    T shirt - Old Navy
    Trousers - INC, thrifted
    Shoes - Eject
    I tried these pants on last month in the thrift store (while continuing to try and find jeans) and gasped! They were Beetlejuice pants. I love striped pants. The only issue I had with these is they are just long enough to wear with my 2" heels, and would probably work better with flats. I could hypothetically bring them down a half inch, but the effort would not be worth the project. But the good news is - I have a lot of 2" heels. For two dollars, I felt like it was my Thrifting Birthday or something.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Pin up your Monday

    Shirt, Belt - thrifted
    Jeans - London Jean, thrifted
    Pumps - Fly London

     I started digging through some un-worn stuff today to find some inspiration. I pulled out this sweet little cherry top. I paired it with some high waisted jeans because it's a little overcast and not-quite warm. I won't say chilly, but not hot.

    This Monday actually started out great. I got to sleep in. I'm all done with my actual school work, papers and exams. I just have ooooone last presentation to actually present (the work is done, just gotta show up). It's Wednesday night! This semester has really been a struggle for me in terms of work. I took my first hybrid/online course, took a slightly challenging English course and have faced many issues on the home front.

    Some words of advice - Always put your lipstick on after the white shirt. =\

    I hope everyone had a great weekend and are starting off this week on a good note!