Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfect jeans

Jacket, jeans - LOFT, gift from Keely
Tee - Old Navy
Shoes - Poetic License, ebay

Y'all know Keely is the best, right? Well she mailed me off these jeans, this jacket and an adorable cowl scarf last week. The mailman came early today. I happily tore into it. (A limit on my shopping only makes getting new stuff more fun.) Both items were a perfect fit. I swear, I should make her shop for my pants from now on.

Anyway this charcoal velvet jacket is slightly outside my 'usual'. I love a blazer, and grey, and silver pinstripe! But the sleeve has a little poof, it's velvet - Hrm. But it's really comfortable, and the poof doesn't give me the "football player" shoulders. Usually I hate to pair things that I bought/received together right away but I couldn't help it. Adding purple shoes (with grey and silver details) and a purple tee was perfect.

Also I realize today my hair is getting very mushroomy.. I hate the in-between stages of growing out a cut.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sew Sunday - Minor Projects

Trench Sleeve-hem
Having a sewing machine is great for creating new stuff - but more importantly, making the stuff I own more awesome/fitted/work for me. First and foremost, I zipped the sleeves off my new Oscar de le Renta sweater and took in the sides to make it less boxy.

Then I took up the sleeves on my yellow trench and hand sewed an X-shaped stitch.

I had a failed attempt with a pair of thrifted trousers. I wanted to alter them into a pair of capri shorts but the vintage fabric was too fragile/dry-rotted and tended to rip.

Hot glue, girl's best friend

In the craft non-sew area, I came across a skirt I bought for a rave. It was wildly too short to wear in everyday settings, but I loved the fabric it was made of. I've been thinking of covering my white headband with fabric. I whipped out the hot glue gun and not only covered my headband but part of my big white belt as well! (plus a few burned fingers, yipes)

I even have enough leftover fabric and the zipper from the skirt to make a small change purse. Hot glue isn't the most stable of media, but it's better than boring pieces languishing away in a drawer.

It's amazing how just a few minor changes can drastically change how an item looks and how you respond to it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friend Friday - Techy bits

Cardigan - Merona
Top - All Saints
Pants - The Limited
Shoes - Fluevog, birthday gift!

Finally my Fluevogs! I have a bazillion warm weather outfits planned with these but my winter clothes tend to lean more towards reds and black. So today these were my secret shoes. You only saw the blue-grey until I walked and the green popped out from my hem. The 'vogs are a snug fit so I can only wear thin socks with them. They're definitely gonna work better for my summer wardrobe. Which is a-okay because I have a nice boot collection.

I think I'm over this cardigan. I love yellow, but this is far too dijon for my tastes. I want to find a good marigold shade of anything - skirt, top, jacket? That's on my 'to-thrift' list. Marigold.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)

I use my computer that the Hubs and I built. It's called The Watermelon because the tower is pink and the keyboard green.  I use a shitastic Casio Exilim EX-S5. I'm looking to upgrade. I use Hubs to take my pictures because this camera sucks at balancing on things and I don't have a tripod.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)

My blog is on Blogger, and I own my domain name through google. My comments are through Disqus. I store and edit photos with Picasa and Photobucket. Sometimes I use Photoshop CS5 for color editing and sharpening, as well as doing my doodles. Mostly I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager for resizing and cropping. I use paint only in extreme measure

3. What is your process for taking pictures?

I get dressed, poke at the Hubs and we take pictures in about two minutes on the back porch. Occasionally I'll be in a rush and take them out and about or decide a place is pretty as a back drop and retake photos while running errands.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?

I shoot where I can. I look for good light if at all possible, but ultimately I've shot in from of all sorts of things. My header? Took that on Thanksgiving in front of a movie theater.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?

A Canon PowerShot SX130 IS. I will be splurging one day soon. Another reason for the ban on clothes shopping. It's time to upgrade.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't steal that pose!

Top - Citrine, thrifted
Jeans - NY&Co
Shoes - Eject, ebay

I couldn't help it! It's an homage to the ever-fabtastic Wendy Brandes! I even went for the red lips and a toothy grin~

Simplistic outfit that I almost didn't post today. I dressed down for a day in the waiting room becaaaause... D and I got contacts! Yep one of the various reasons for the shopping ban is because D and I needed to renew our prescrips for our slowly-going blind eyes. We both decided to pick up contacts for funsies. You'll still see all my various glasses, but maybe not every single day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breton Stripes - To the Max

 Dress - Brand unknown, thrifted
 Harness - Audra Jean 
Tee - Walmart
Boots - Miz Mooz, endless

Okay, I will discuss the origins/blunder of this dress in another post. I've been following many people who are participating in Everybody, Everywear's Breton Stripe style collection. I own lots of stripes - but only realized today that this thrifted maxi dress is a great example of Breton Stripes! So I hopped right onto the style bandwagon on this one.

I swore up and down that I'd never wear a maxi. I'm very petite, very slim and easily drowned in large swathes of fabric. I tried this on and was terribly surprised at the fit. It was marked a medium (no way). I'm still uncertain if it's really a faded black or if it's a dark navy. I decided I didn't care and wore brown anyway. I can't wait to restyle this for summer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Linus Dress - All Saints
Tee - Faded Glory
Fishnets - Target
October Boots - Miz Mooz
Star Trek pin - Thinkgeek, gift

I wanted to go Treky again today. The great thing about this black dress is how versatile it is. Layer it up, undo buttons, alter the buttonholes used. My pin kept the neckline from slipping around. The weather was downright gorgeous today compared to how it's been. I saw the sun! Well it was also raining, but it was a balmy 47F. I know it'll turn again before turning into spring, but it brings a great hope to my winter blues.

In the interest of Science*, I want to pose these questions to my readers:

How in the world do you keep slingback shoes on your feet? Am I the only girl in the world who fails at wearing them?

How do you keep from ripping your tights on your boots? I ruined these fishnets after 3 wears because my boots, my purse (metal details) and everything seemed to snag them like crazy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why so Serious?

 Tee - The limited, thrifted
Jacket - Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted
Skirt - Hugo Buscati, thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - Eject, ebay

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. I've referenced Star Trek numerous times. Back in 2009, I pulled together one of my favorite color combinations - Purple and Green. After taking pictures I felt very much like I was wearing "Joker" colors. The Dark Knight came on tv this past weekend so I decided Monday needed to be an intentional joker inspiration. Suit inspired, green and purple, geometric print, red lipstick.

Also this whole outfit, save the shoes, slip and tights, was thrifted! I haven't shown this blazer yet, Even though it was an amazing find - a $4 blazer with a perfect two button fit? In my size? Sometimes a basic black blazer can be pretty uninspiring. I think it topped off this outfit well though.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playin' around

Tee (thrifted), Pants - jcrew
Vest - All Saints
Jacket - Target (years and years ago)
 Harness - Audra Jean 
Earrings - Gift from Keely
Boots - Miz Mooz, endless

Anyone ever just start playing around in your closet and end up with an insane combination that you eventually convince yourself 'works'? Well I got the grand idea to tuck my wideleg chinos into boots. That's where this all started. I layered a brown tee with my crazy vest, then topped it all with my harness. I stood in front of the mirror and realized it was missing - color.

I started digging through the closet and found my rain-jacket. I got this grand idea to put the harness OVER the jacket. I actually kindof like it. I feel very steampunky/pilot-y today. And with all the layers I'm actually nice and warm!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cognac Leather

Sweater - All Saints
Skirt, Belt - thrifted
Fishnets - Target, gift
Boots - Miz Mooz, ebay

While thrifting last month, I came across this skirt. I flashed back to Sal's post on cognac leather. I had planned this outfit or similar to wear for my birthday, before I came across the red and black sweater dress. I think I paid around $4 for this one. It's buttery soft and comfortable. I've layered it with a slip and sweater because the temps are dropping again.

I also realize there are still huge boxes behind me in this frequent photo-spot. In those boxes are a firepit. That will hopefully be set up for roasting marshmallows and cuddling under the stars as soon as it stops snowing.

I'm so happy that this week went well. Hubs and I back to school, Birthday and Anniversary went well, onto the rest of this year.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I care.

 Sweater - NY&Co, thrifted
Jeans - Mossimo, swap
Pin - ByHillary
Shoes - Fly London, amazon

Hillary can explain it way better than I can. But I care. I care about you. I want to inspire others to care more about each other. Check out because she plans on selling these adorable buttons for those who care too and want to show it.

Short and sweet post today as it's literally pouring down snow. If you want, share your favorite Snow Day activity. Mine is cooking a warm comfort-food meal and watching a good movie or tv marathon.

Click to embiggen

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Belt, Cardigan - Rugged Warehouse
Tank dress - thrifted
Boots - Miz Mooz, endless

I usually don't do animal print, favoring geometric prints. I've dabbled in zebra print, passed up giraffe and leopard.. but this adorable little ocelot print tank dress (total 90s) was thrifted pre-ban for a song (okay $4, but still). I figured that if it still didn't work for me I wouldn't feel too put out.

I also can't believe I have enough brown items now to wear a monochrome brown outfit!! Back in 2009, I owned these brown OTKs and a brown belt came with a dress. I also want to point out today's photo really shows truer colors of all these pieces. They all often photograph black, but are really dark browns.

Today is back to class day for the Hubs and me. I'm stupendously proud of D for going back to school.

Once again, please let me know if you run into any quirks or kinks in the new stuff on the site.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domain and Disqus

Good evening, everyone! Thanks once again for all the well wishing. I wanted to give a quick heads up to my readers. I now own the domain name for Megan Mae Daily. I'd appreciate it if you have me on your blog roll, please update the blog name to reflect the change.

I've also jumped on the bandwagon and installed Disqus commenting system. I hope this creates an easier reply system to any comments or questions. Let me know if you are having any problems with the new commenting system, and I'll do my best to resolve it.

With D

No outfit pics today as I will be spending the day with my Hubby curled up playing Little Big Planet 2! We're celebrating our 3rd anniversary (6 years together). And tomorrow it's back to classes and my regular outfit snapshots.

Edited to add: Here's the only decent full length photo I have on hand. Most of my digital copies are on discs and have yet to re-transfer them to my computer since my last hard drive went caput. Also, my dress was huge and consumed as much space as humanly possible around. Aaand I have no idea why D is looking off to the right, I think someone said something mid-photo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Wrap up

First up gifts! I got a lot of super awesome gifts for my birthday. First off my mom got me giftcards, stationery and scrapbook stuff, a calendar, ID holder, some money and made me tons of food while I was over. From the rest of my family, I got a giftcard for VS, some candy and money.

Hubs got me FLUEVOGS!! I've been wanting a pair of green shoes and nearly bought a pair of Miz Mooz in green numerous times, but apparently my lust-favorite shoe went on great sale right after Christmas. I am now a 'vog convert.

My best friend got me a Medical Star Trek pin from the latest movie!!♥ I, of course, had to wear it right away. I also got a flashdrive of stuff from another friend. My friend, Jenii, sent me some awesome stuff (stationery and the like).

With my bro

Birthday Not-Cake

Everybody noms
Goofing off with the Bestie
Overall it was the best of birthdays. I wouldn't have had it any other way. We ate, we partied in my own laid back way. We all pooped out at 7pm, so I've actually had some time to post today.

Birthday Girl

Dress - vintage
Microfishnets - Target
Boots - Miz Mooz, ebay
Trek Pin -, gift
Bag - I made it
A quick update to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a fantastic day.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Top - Citrine, thrifted
Belt - Kenneth Cole
Skirt - Kohls
Boots - Nine West, altered
I was drawn instantly to this top. It's so bold. The shape was actually nicely fitted despite the length of sleeve. The polyester material also means it will be easy to care for. It's still freaking cold so I quickly ran back inside after this picture.

Keeping this post short and sweet. I may not be around 100% this next week. My birthday is Monday, and my anniversary is also next week! Not to mention school started yesterday so uber busy! Hope you all are having a fantastic Friday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easter Egged

 Necklace - gift
Sweater - swapped
Trousers - Express Editor, thrifted
Pumps - Poetic License, ebay

In hindsight - I look a bit like an Easter egg. I have been in a horrible rut of black and grey clothing. So I endeavored for an outfit that contained no black, no red and no grey. I am going to warn my readers - Expect a lot of red based outfits out of me. It's probably my favorite color when it comes to clothes. A power color if you will. But today - I'm feeling springy, wishing for warm weather with all the snow still on the ground and continuing to fall.

Now to talk about these OMG PINK pants. I love the fit of them. They've got that sort of long and lean 70s flair. I even hemmed these puppies and they are still slightly shoe-eating. I'm hoping that another run through the wash draws them up just  a wee bit more. I realized they were new-stock from Goodwill when they practically shrank a whole size in the wash (thankfully I bought them because they were a little big! and I knew they were cotton). I'm warming up to pink. I think it works better as pants than as a top for my auburn-red hair.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You got red on you.

Merino Wool Cardigan - Banana republic, thrifted
Tights, Cami - Target
Skirt - Victoria Secret, thrifted
Socks - gift
Boots - Fly London, amazon

Okay I thought today required a bit of color. So I'm trying out my red tights. The outfits a little simplistic, but overall I think I like it. It felt good getting dressed. Ya see, I wore this cardigan yesterday too... with my pajamas. Normally this cardigan has me feeling sweaty (TMI) after wearing it, but it's so cold I've wanted to live in it.

Also what's hiding under those boots?! What I'm lovingly calling my Big Bird socks. These are the squishiest comfiest socks ever. I dare you to find squishier socks.

Check out more fabulous bright tight looks at 260 Days, No Repeats who is having Rainbow Tights Week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Confessional

Middle Tennessee (and various parts of the South) are currently experiencing what I call a "Blizzard". I had an outfit for today, but instead - a confessional. Because I am fighting a cold and going out in the snow is a bad idea.

Okay, so the whole not-shopping-because-it's-my-birthday-month? Yyyeah, about that. Eek was spot on the money saying "I don't need to shop" turns into *SHOPSHOPSSHOP*. Goodwill happens to have a 50% EVERYTHING day every once in awhile. And I got sucked in last Saturday. Here's how I stacked up:

Red and Black vintage sweater dress: $3.99

Red Polyester shirt : $2.14

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta (!?!) Spring Sweater: $2.99

Express Dark Pink Trousers: $2.14

Total: $11.30
Unspent:  $8.70

Not bad at all. I would have gotten more, but I used my better judgement to weed out the less than stellar pieces. So I came out with four amazing pieces that will work wonderfully in my wardrobe. And c'mon, it's not everyday I run up on designer labels for $3, even for a super-thrifter like myself. I didn't even feel bad removing the odd sleeves and taking it in a bit to make it less boxy.

To throw me further for a loop, the red top above seems to be from a Canadian company called Citrine . It's amazing to think about the story that might be behind these clothes. The red and black dress will be perfect for Valentine's or my anniversary coming up.

The great thing about January's shopping - Color! I often come out of any store with black, black striped, black blocked (see above dress), or grey. I'm trying to punch more color into my rotation.

I will do a birthday-present update post sometime next week as a part of my spending "confessionals".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sew Sunday - Tote bag

Left - Full Bag, closed flap...... Right - Opening, red lining

To start, I'd like to thank the Fabulous Sheila for awarding me one of her Major Awards! She named me her "Half My Age Twin". Thanks, darling! I'm honored for the award.

Now onto Sew Sunday! I finally got my bum in gear and dragged out the sewing machine again. Many frustrated seams, twists and a random extra piece that was supposed to have gone somewhere - I finally have a tote! This was a difficult first whole piece. It had interfacing, pleats, and rounded seams. Add that to pretty thick, sturdy fabric - Frustration central. I love the end result though. I hope to get a bunch of use from it.

Friday, January 7, 2011


 Sunglasses - Rugged Warehouse
Tee - Kohls (years ago)
Belt - TJMaxx
Skirt - Hugo Buscati, thrifted
Boots - Nine West, altered

Today's inspiration is subtle - Basic geometric shapes.  Round circles sunglasses (picked up for a laugh, but I ended up loving), rectangle belt buckle, and triangular pointed toe boots.

I finally found solution to this skirt, which is always an inch shorter than I like. Add a slip with a lace hem.

The Friend Friday topic is intriguing today. I don't often respond to the questions here on my blog because other bloggers tend to reflect my own answers just as well (e.g. Melissa and Keely ). I think of my blog as my source of expression through fashion, art and craft. I try to always cite my sources of inspiration. I try to always speak from my own voice, be my own person, explore new possibilities.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mixed Review

 Key - freebie
Tee - swapped
Jeans - NY&Co
Boots - Fly London

I expected some mixed reviews when I wore today's outfit. The vest has an odd deconstructed look which many (family) members, I know, are not a fan of. Something about this, though, reminds me of the people from Abydos from the original Stargate movie or maybe something from one of the Post-Apocalyptic type video games that D plays. For those reasons, it got put on my Christmas list.

Ultimately, I really loved today's outfit. The comfortable layers with jeans and boots to walk in. Oh! I also realized today that the black jacket I received as a Christmas gift from my grandparents has nearly identical type snaps.

I've also been thinking about my ban for this month. I'm considering not even allotting myself the budgeted $20 for this month. It doesn't seem fair to shop when I will be getting birthday gifts. I haven't actually wanted to shop since Christmas. Window shop, yes. But I haven't wanted to actually lay down the dollars for any new thrifted clothes or shoes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

See You, Space Cowboy.

 Blouse - vintage
Necklace - gift
Cords - rummage sale
Boots - Nine West

Three new things today. 1. I got a trim yesterday. I've been feeling very shaggy and gotten used to having shorter hair. 2. New necklace, a pretty M necklace I got for Christmas. 3. My 80s pirate shirt. It came complete with shoulder pads. I was walking to check out, stuck my hand out and pretty much grabbed this right off a 99c rack. I fell head over heels for it, despite it's horrible acetate fabric. I figured even if I only wore it once, 99c was worth it.

Today is a sedate day with grey clouds hanging over. Trying to remain pumped up because January is jampacked full of plans to be made.

(If you know where my title comes from, you get an internet-cookie!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maggie Moos

 Hat - Target, gift
Prescription Sunnies - Anne Klein
Coat - Espirit
Argyle Sweater - NY&Co., thrifted
Jeans - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Eject, ebay

Forget Marble Slab, Baskin Robbins, or Cold Stone... Maggie Moos is where it's at. Fresh made ice cream where cheesecake flavor tastes like what it is. Unique flavors like fresh Banana, Cream, or Pink Peppermint make me swoon. Hubs picked up a groupon so we went and enjoyed some awesome ice cream. I also got a hair cut and hit the VS semi-annual sale (Per shopping ban rules: Underwear does not count, and I made sure to hit the sales and to purchase based on need, not want).

I thought I'd finally get around to showing off the gorgeous and lux coat that the marvelous Keely sent me in December. We did a swap, but this coat! She graciously sent me. It's leather with faux-fur lining. It's super snuggly for cool days that don't require my huge plaid coat.

The hat was a Christmas gift. A good foil to my grey cloche of last year, which I also still wear occasionally. I'm quickly warming up to hats. I've always loved them, but never found any that I felt suited me. Thankfully that's changing a bit.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Cowl neck sweater - Express
Dress - All Saints
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Tights - Target
Shoes - Fly London, amazon
Earring - convention
First outfit I really felt like putting together. I bounced ideas off D until I finally pulled this out. I really wanted to wear these tights I got for Christmas. Between the pattern tights and loud belt, I settled on my D10 earring as my only jewelry for today. The earring came from an artist vendor at a convention from a few years ago. I was digging through the guy's bowl of dice (all drilled to be attached to jewelry) and came across a clear glittery D10. I couldn't find a match, so I asked if he'd sell me one earring.

I also grabbed some inspiration from the auspicious Audi and layered my cowl necks. I didn't have another red layering shirt so I tried it out.

Target tights - How I love your cheap cute designs.. But your sizing, wtf. These tights are a "tall", they were the last pair in this pattern when I was helping the MIL grab Christmas gifts for me and hubs... but I figured if they don't fit no big deal. I'm actually glad because these run super small!

Also in case I haven't said it here (enough), my birthday is in 2 weeks! My 21st birthday. I usually could care less about my birthday, but this year is gonna be special. 2011, here I come.

Making this extra long - Check me out on Kimberly's Fashion Calendar for January, 1/14!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sew Sunday: Pouches

Welcome to the awesome part of my shopping ban. I'll be doing updates on little things I create with my sewing machine. "Sew Sunday" will likely be an infrequent update here as I complete personal sewing projects.

I got my first real project (a tote) all cut out last night. I had some leftover scraps and wanted to practice some. So, I free hand cut some fun shapes and made these little button-up pouches. A Roman black and white geometric motif lined in red with pewter buttons. They're a bit raw, a bit wonky, but I'm ridiculously proud of making something that can be used. I gave the one on the right to my mom. I haven't found a use for the second one yet, but I figure I'll figure it out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Work it, New Year

Tee - the Limited
Jeans - swap
Boots - Fly London, amazon
I've hardly stopped to even 'ring in' the new year. I pulled my sewing machine out yesterday and got down the basics. Today I'm hoping to cut out and create my first piece - a tote bag. Skinny jeans and comfortable shirts make for a perfect combo today. That's all I got for today - Enjoy the weekend!

2011 - Year of the BUDGET

Happy New Year, everyone~! I hope everyone had a wonderful night ringing in 2011.

So today, I though I'd draw up a little rulebook to help me keep aware of my own shopping rules for the next few months.

  1. $20 a month budget with weigh in with purchases. Resetting each month, not carrying over.
  2. No retail shopping -What this means is: No ebay, etsy, amazon, brick and mortar retail stores, online shops. But Thrift stores, rummage sales, swapping, or gifts are OK.
  3. Exemption: Underwear.
  4. Not exempt from budget, but allowed retail purchases: fabric, patterns and sewing materials.
  5. End date: June 1st, 2011 
As I said before, I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my MIL and have intentions of learning to sew. She has a great stock pile of fabric that I can pull from, but any additional fabric or materials, unless gifted, will be bought on the budget.

In addition to my sewing projects, I have a stock pile of items that have not appeared on the blog yet. If the items are not mentioned as being bought on the budget and listed in an update post, then it's safe to assume they were purchased or were gifted in the year 2010 or for my birthday (which I will attempt to do a full post on).