Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day 2011

Cardigan - Elle, christmas gift
 Tee - Theme, thrifted
Jeggings - Mossimo, thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Sneakers - Chuck Taylors

Every year my calendar informs me that December 26th is Boxing Day (in Canada). And every year I wiki it to remember what it is. What it means to me? Shopping Day.

I spent my Christmas Eve with the hubs, two friends, and my brother. We exchanged gifts and had a really great time eating at Waffle House (only place open!) and playing You Don't Know Jack.

Christmas Day was spent waking up at the in-laws and opening gifts. Eating breakfast there. Then I visited my mom for lunch. My brother came to pick me up for our annual movie night (Sherlock Holmes 2, again - seriously go see it). We also went out for a couple of drinks and appetizers before hand at TGI Fridays and spent a few hours talking and catching up.

So after many days of eating too much, not sleeping enough, and lots and lots of visiting. I had a very excellent Christmas and received many thoughtful and much appreciated gifts. But now I'm happy to head out into the fray and spend my gift cards.

This post is beyond late because when my brother is in town we run around and have lots of fun - hijinks ensue. We hit the stores, grabbed food, went through boxes of old family photos - me not remembering half of them, and generally catching up. He's headed back home, so hopefully I will catch up on the blog reading and posting as the week progresses.

(If you celebrate) How was your Christmas/Festivus/Winter Holiday of Choice?


  1. Sounds like a fabulous holiday full of family fun...like it should be!

    I love that long cardi - it's a beautiful color on you!

  2. Sounds like you had a funfilled holiday. It never lasts long enough though :)

    Super cute cardi too! Love how you belted it.

  3. So pleased to hear about your happy holiday.

    The cardi is special: the asymmetrical flourish is eye-catching. And your color-combination is top-notch. I get inspired every time I visit here.

  4. This belt is fantastic and I love the cardigan! Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Mine was just splendid!

  5. Ya, "Boxing Day" does pretty much just mean "Shopping Day" here. Or "Hockey day" if you're my father-in-law. We had double booked family gatherings - the joy of trying to squish everything in in our first year of wedded bliss. Hopefully your day was more relaxing!!

  6. I think the US should start celebrating Boxing Day, so we can have a longer holiday weekend. I like your new cardigan!

  7. I'm busy working on a massive post (you know how it is when you travel!), but hope to have it up tonight at some point. Might be late.

    Love that cardi! It would look good as a dress too.

  8. We had a fabulous Christmas with family. Then on the 26th we were getting ready to head home and our car died.:( my parents packed us and our truck full of gifts and drove us home. Fortunately we only live an hour away. I've been so busy unpacking and catching up on laundry and house chores I haven't been able to blog. Hopefully, tomorrow. Oh, love, love your cardigan and belt. So gorgeous!


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