Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nun Dress

Dress - Fads, thrifted 
Belt - gift via Keely
Socks, bracelet - via Mom
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Chain - DIY

This is my black sweatshirt maxi dress. I still can't believe I bought it, but who can pass up a dress that is cozy, feels like pajamas, and has sleeves for $4? Not this lady. I'm still not ruling out shortening it, but I actually enjoyed wearing this maybe-vintage dress. I'm actually going to estimate this dress is from the 90s, but the generic tag/brand seems a dead end. D said it's invokes a "Nun/holy" look, but I think it's because of the flared hem. I decided to play up the large swath of black fabric with a heavy chain, this big belt and my mom's cherub bracelet.

I normally don't take too many detail shots, but this outfit was really all in the details, so here's: Bracelet, make up and chains, shape of the dress. You can even see my tall argyle socks in the OOTD photo!

It was perfect for a day of lazing around with kitties, watching Being Human, and enjoying the warm rainy day. Mom made bourbon peppercorn chicken with broccoli and rice for dinner yesterday. Thanksgiving may only be a week away, but that doesn't mean you can't eat well until then. What are you munching on or watching on the 'tube today?


  1. So glad you decided to try the maxi because it looks great! They really do feel like you are wearing pajamas :) The detail shots are great too. The bracelet is so cool!

    I am currently eating a tuna sub for lunch, but since I am at work I am blogging on my break instead of watching TV :) Heather

  2. i like maxi dresses and skirts..they have something interesting on them :)

  3. Oh that dress looks comfy and warm! I bet it is super warm in fact! Perfect for a chilly day. I like the bracelet too, very unique!

    Watching on the tube? Probably last night's Glee and Parenthood because I'm a giant nerd. LOL

  4. your accessories here are fabulous! My vote's for shortening though, it's just so much fabric! you could probably get a whole other flared skirt out of the bottom of that one!

  5. I don't think you look like a nun, but the dress might look cute if it was shortened.

  6. I like it with the belt you chose. It does look like a comfy dress.
    Tonight it is The Middle and Modern Family. I love to laugh at silly comedies.

  7. This is VERY 90s - reminds me of a dress I had then around 1996.

    I think I would shorten it, just to reduce the whole "big rectangle" thing.

    Love the accessories! That belt is awesome.


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