Friday, November 11, 2011

New Silhouette, No Make-Up

 Cape-thing - Rafaello Bettini, thrifted
Dress, boots - All Saints, ebay
Jeans - Spacegirlz, thrifted
Different shape for today. I thrifted this wooly knit cape? poncho? awhile back. It has limited application, but I have plans for transformative use! (I plan to wear it as a dress and/or a skirt!) I also decided to throw on all sorts of bracelets because there are limited types of accessories that work with capes/ponchos. My hands stuck out so my arm party was visible all day.

Angel - 1994/1995 Brighton leather and silver bracelet via my Mom
2 Stud bracelets, Silver Chain Stars  - goodwill
Star Turquoise Leather - target
Rings - gifts from Hubs

Today I'm also link up about make-up via Oranges and Apples. I rarely wear any make-up.Most days are met with a bare-face, no hair product, only a little bit of moisturizer. My skin stays relatively clear if I leave it alone. On rare occasions, I dash on minimal eyeliner or a tinted lip balm. My favorite being Burt's Bees Tigerlily or Plum. No foundation, nothing. I respect people who opt to wear make-up, but my skin can't take it.

Feel free to embiggen either of these two pics. The first is another angle showing more of the back of my new 'do, and the second a make-up free shot, not even any chapstick.


  1. The bracelets are super fun! I love wearing multiple bracelets!

    Also, you have wonderful natural beauty, so I think it is great that you don't wear a ton of makeup!

  2. You look just lovely with or without makeup! I love Burt's Bees! They are the best! Much like this poncho. Can't wait to see all the remixes!

  3. I rarely wear makeup either. I have very sensitive skin and almost everything makes me break out. You look lovely and I could not tell that you do not wear makeup. Today I got false eyelashes put on at Sephora. I am not sure yet about them, but it was an interesting experience.
    Love the color of the poncho. This is a really cool outfit and I love your arm party, especially the angel bracelet.

  4. Love the poncho. You are lucky that you can go barefaced! I frighten myself and others.

  5. oh man, love this thrifted poncho soooo much! it's gorgeous. what an amazing find! and love those boots!

  6. Wow, that silhouette looks like a character from a comic book. I mean that as a compliment. The style appears very powerful.

    You're adorable with or without makeup. Nature was good to you. When I don't wear makeup, I look like a male lawyer...

  7. With your porcelain skin you don't need any makeup!

    I love this poncho - fantastic new silhouette!

  8. You have crazy beautiful skin and eyes. Holy wow! I love your poncho style, too.
    :) f

  9. First, I love that poncho.
    Second, I am not a makeup wearer either. I've just never enjoyed putting too much of it on, so I usually avoid it.

  10. Absolutely adore your new haircut, very edgy and something I'd love to try at some stage too ^_^ You could say you'll be a little bit of an inspiration to me on that front ;) Looking forward to seeing how you remix this poncho! I also have one that a sneakily use as a skirt too teehee


  11. Hi Megan! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Magenta post! :)
    You're right, we don't have to dress all the time to show off our best figure - feeling the clothes we wear are parts of us are much more important.

    Love your boots (and your other footwear on the blog, what a great collection!) and the grey-turquoise colour scheme!

  12. I love your poncho and the turquoise cuff! :)

  13. I think the poncho is a wonderful touch. I love the knitted texture and bright pop of color it adds to the outfit. Plus, it looks incredibly warm and cozy. But I think it will be interesting to see what you can transform it into. Great outfit, Megan!

  14. Steve Madden did a knock off of those boots that are nowhere to be found. I'll have to check ebay for All Saints version. Super cute outfit.

  15. Thanks for taking part! I love the poncho thing!


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