Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greenie Plaid

Cashemere Sweater, Wool Pants - Old Navy, thrifted
Pumps - Fluevog
Wrist cuff and Button Flower - Made by Me

I had to give these things I made a trial run. The flower and wrist cuff were made out of my newest thrifted ties. This particular one was in some of my favorite colors: Mint and Chocolate. If anyone is interested in any of the buttonflowers, feel free to email me. I'm hoping to take them to a craft fair in the spring, but I'm also considering offering them through the blog if there's any interest.

It's still a bit balmy in the afternoons, but the rain is cold and damp. So I pulled out this thin cashmere sweater. I have loved seeing people pop black and white green, but hadn't done it much myself. Plus these plaid pants have gone too long without a wear.

Lots of good news coming up for me and you! For starters, Keely and I got down to business last night and have planned out the next Fashion Challenge. The news goes live on Black Friday! The Challenge will be set for early December.

In other news, I finally started writing last night. I'm a bit late for NanoWrimo, but I still plan on continuing on with writing. School work is winding to a close, now it's about tests and turning those written papers in. So I finally have time to craft, write, draw! Very exciting.


  1. Love your pants! :-) and I am definitely interested in your button flowers :-)

  2. Your outfit is adorable!!! I love the pants, I love all things plaid though. And I would be interested in your button flowers! The one on your sweater is so nice and a lovely way of dressing up your sweater or just adding a little something. Nice!!

  3. Ahh! Love your pants :) It must be plaid day in the blog world because I have seen so many people wearing it today! This green looks so good on you, especially with your hair.

    Also, we have won a few goodies in some giveaways lately, so we will have a future post coming up. Your button flower never got the recognition it deserves, so be on the lookout for that post. Oh, and can't wait for the next fashion challenge! I have been so uninspired lately so this will be a good kick in my butt!


  4. There are so many Yay!s that I want to throw out on this post:

    Yay for your writing!
    Yay for your DIY awesomeness! Love the bracelet and flower pin!
    Yay for being shopping ban sponsors for each other ;-)
    Yay for these AWESOME plaid pants!
    Yay for the next fashion challenge! Can't wait!

    Love this look Megan!

  5. Your hair looks really cute here! I like how you paired the plaid. I have trouble with wearing plaid, fingering out what to put with it. I can't believe the semester is almost over already! It seems like it was just summer.

  6. @ Kari - thanks this is how it is supposed to look, Lol! It usually doesn't behave.

  7. That is a fantastic sweater. Green is your color!

  8. Those pants are awesome! Can't believe they are from Old Navy! I am looking forward to the next challenge :)

  9. So excited for the next FC! Also loving that you have time for more than the usual. I didn't get in as much creating as I'd hoped, but i did a bit. Love your pants with your gorgeous sweater and the cuff and flower pin are the perfect accents.

  10. Can't wait to hear about the next challenge!!!

  11. Good for you for getting involved in NanoWrimo-I would love to do that when I have more time on my hands! I love your pants and your button is so creative! Can't wait for your and Keely's next challenge! :)

  12. I am in LOVE with those pants. There is not nearly enough plaid in my closet, sadly :)

    I'm excited to take part in your next challenge...I've seen a couple of them play out across the Internet, and I've always loved your prompts! And I'm always looking for new inspiration...

  13. Black, white and green, eh? Hmm... may have to try that today. This is why I read blogs in my pajamas!

  14. Megan, I think you and I may have similar hair. Mine seems to have a mind of its own. I may style it the same way every time, but it turns out different no matter what I do.
    I love your green sweater. I passed up a really cute cashmere sweater the other day and have kicked myself ever since.
    You look good in plaid pants and it is neat to see black and white with something other than red (although red is kick butt too.)

  15. Oh, I love those plaid pants!! I can't wait to hear about the next challenge. =) Hopefully, this time I can participate!


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