Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 11

 Tee - Fossil, thrifted
Cardigan - Rugged Warehouse
Jeans - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Chuck Taylors - gift
Custom Harness - Audra Jean

Haaaappy Black Friday! Hope everyone had a super excellent day, whether you were US centric or not. Mom, hubs and I ate an excellent lunch and saw the movie Hugo yesterday. The movie was excellent. Very pretty, good storyline, and so unnecessary for 3D gimmicks. (I saw the 2D)

Today was a day all about friends though. I met my bestie at the local mall. They've finally moved another arcade back in that has not only Dance Dance Revolution, but the even rarer Pump It Up machine. We noshed at Panera and followed it up with a couple of hours being mall rats again.We tramped through the odd trade store, tried on loads of rings and vastly unnecessary masquerade masks. We hit up Icing where I feel in love all over snake jewelry, and M tried on wildly innappropriate and wonderfully hilarious rings (pictured above!)

We got home later than planned, but the day was more fun than I've had in a really long time. I also had a pressie waiting in my mailbox! Darling Sheila sent me an awesome DIY project book all about altering thrifted/old pieces into cool new designs. It's also given me some great tie ideas, even though the specific ideas weren't listed. So I imagine these projects will keep me inspired for a long time. So a special shout-out of thanks!

You'll also notice that I have a page for my Buttonflowers listed at the top of the site. Feel free to email if you're interested. Also we launched the next Fashion Challenge. Go here to sign up!


  1. Glad you had a great day Megan! Love the striped cardi and cargo pants. I always vow never to step foot outside my house on B.F. unless absolutely critical!

  2. sounds like an amazing day! a day at the mall with a friend for fun is always great.

  3. Megan, I just love the first picture of you. You should smile more. You are just lovely. I envy you for the fun you had at the mall. I remember many times like that with my best friends, when I was young.
    I am hoping to put together some tie projects in December. You inspired me to do that!

  4. I love mall days with friends!
    Snake jewelry is the best :)