Thursday, October 13, 2011


Blouse - thrifted
Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Flats - Indigo by Clarks, ebay

Well fall is definitely here to stay. The leaves are falling, and the wind is blowing! This is the only photo out of 8 or 9 that wasn't completely windblown. I'm wearing my black top and denim today in honor of Team WendyB! Go check me and other Wendy Teammates out over at her blog. 

I thrifted this top. I've been wanting one of those embroidered dresses like this, but they aren't really my style and I never really came across the right one. I found this top while looking for sleeved shirts. I liked that it was black, the florals were slightly more abstract that most patterns usually are, and I loved the lace up front. I think it works for me. I've actually worn this a bunch during these last few days of warmish weather, but this is its first day on the blog.

Speaking of fall, have you been over to the masterpost for Keely and my Fashion Challenge: Fall Trends yet? Check it out, and sign up if you wanna rock the trends with us.


  1. What a cool top! I love how it laces up the front. The green shoes are great too since they match the leaves of the flowers.

    Can't wait for the challenge. Already planning!


  2. Cute top! Can't wait for the challenge!

  3. Love this top. Very team-worthy!

  4. I like the floral top. It is definitely your style!

  5. I love the way the top laces up the front. Gives it more interest.

  6. That's a fun idea to have everyone wear a black top and jeans. That's one of my standard weekend outfits. But I only own one Apple gadget (an iPod).

    I'm already planning my Fashion Challenge outfits. Have a great weekend!


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