Friday, October 7, 2011

Tiger Blood

Tunic - Cynthia Rowley, swapped
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted NWT
Mule Flats - thrifted

Ohhh Friday. I'm beginning to sort of dread Fridays. For most people, it's the last day of the week, the start of the weekend. For me, it's a full day of classes, work work work, and never enough time to cook, eat, blog, until well after 10/11pm. I left class a bit early to go meditate outside in the bright warm sunshine, and I feel energized. I've tried to do that while the weather is so warm and nice. 

I was channeling Keely today. As you may know, Fashion Challenge link-up starts first thing Monday morning, so I guess her style was on my mind. This tunic came from her. I picked up these skinny jeans for $1.94... retail tags still attached ($158!).. I adore the comfortable fit, the shorter than average legs (for my petite frame, means less bunching fabric), and the greenish grey color. Weird because I keep feeling over skinnies, but I've thrifted two pairs recently. Maybe in preparation for boot-tucking?

I actually paid $2 for the flats too, and I think the jeans were actually the better investment because the mules will be hitting the trash. Wildly uncomfortable, and the sole is coming apart after one wear. Pity because they were adorable.

Also go check out Heather and Kayla over at H&K Style Journey.. especially the last outfit with my "Ally Tie Belt".


  1. Hello YOU!!! How are you?? Im so happy to see a post from you so I can say HELLO:)

    Love the top....too cute!!

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  2. That tunic is so fantastic! And as much as I dislike skinny jeans, I end up buying them because of their versatility!

  3. I adore this tunic so much! Love that you are wearing sparkles during the day :) What a score on those pants too. NWT? That is awesome!

    I started to steer away from the skinnies for awhile and went with wide legged trousers, but then always go back to skinnies.

    Have a great evening and weekend! Heather

  4. Sequins make everything a little better. I hope your Friday isn't too crazy!

  5. Every time you wear this tunic, I get so excited! Glad you've found some time today to relax--it is important. I can't wait for the next challenge! And I can't believe you got these skinnies for under $2. They are PERFECT on you!

  6. @ Frannie - You'd love me in person. I'm like a walking disco ball!

  7. Yay for those skinnies - what a deal! I am not close to over them yet, they just feel so good. HAve a happy weekend!

  8. What an amazing deal on those skinnies! And that tunic top is fabulous on you!

  9. Holy cow, those jeans are a serious bargain!

  10. Wow - sparkly!!! We should swap - any random thing my closet for your willingness to be daring!

  11. Meow! Love the tiger tunic. :)

    I hate buying shoes that end up being uncomfortable. It's such a bummer. And it's always the cute pairs too, isn't it?


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