Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leather, Sandals, India

Indian Tunic - thrifted
Leather skirt - vintage, thrifted
Sandals - Carlos, gifted, thrifted

The best thing about bizarre autumnal weather is the ability to wear outfits like this. Loose cotton Indian tunic, vintage leather skirt (seriously, why have I only worn this once), and dressy sandals (thrifted via my Mom - I really don't need more shoes and just bought two pairs last night. I swear I'm getting rid of some though.). 

The tunic still had it's original tags on, half-torn off though so no idea as to retail price. I loved the colors, and the shiny inset. I pulled this leather skirt out thinking it added a little sexy to the otherwise loose tunic. The sandals were purchased by my mom on the same day I found the tunic. The burgundy complemented the trim so well. We were on the same wavelength.

Yesterday we did end up going to buy a pumpkin. We don't actually have a patch, just a field over by the college that sets up seasonal sellers like pumpkins and real Christmas trees.This little fella was perched atop a bunch of huge varied pumpkins. It's a super pale orange with a grooved skin. None of them were tagged with names, but there were all types. My intention was finally buying a white pumpkin, but this little fairytale guy was shining like a beacon. It's a little bigger than a basketball, and will probably get painted, and then gutted for seeds. Are you preparing for Halloween yet?


  1. I usually buy some mini pumpkins at the farmer's market. I need to do that next weekend.

  2. Great pumpkin! I cannot believe you have only worn this skirt once! It is spectacular! I have been dying for a non-ho-ish leather skirt for a long time, but to no avail. Sign. This looks great with this fun Indian tunic. Great look!

  3. That is the perfect pumpkin for sure! We usually buy a couple pumpkins from the grocery store and then head to the pumpkin patch too.

    What a great leather skirt. You should definitely wear this more often!

  4. This is a great indian summer outfit. I'm seeing leather skirts on all my favorite blogs lately -- gotta go thrifting soon! You got the best pumpkin.

  5. Love the leather skirt. It looks really cute with the India top. I especially like the burgundy in the shoes. The color reminded me of the red spot that Indian women use on foreheads.
    That is a perfect pumpkin.

  6. You look so cute and comfy. I love those red sandals and the tunic is so pretty. We are throwing a big Halloween bash at our house so I've been buying decor and I got my costume on sunday. It's going be a blast!

  7. Your tunic makes me reminisce for India! I love it!

    We bought our pumpkin last week too. I love October.

  8. Dude. YOU NEED TO MOVE TO MN. Our thrift stores are jam-packed with awesome India gear! You could rock the look every DAY.

    And then we could go to Convergence together. Just sayin'.

  9. Despite being Indian, I would never have tried this. Thanks so much for the idea - I am going to try this soon! :D

  10. I love the tunic (especially faniced up with a leather skirt!) That pumpkin is so unique - I have always wanted a white one!


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