Sunday, October 23, 2011

In Search Of

I have been on a Search.

Lately, it's been an obsession to find the right black platform ankle boot. I used to have these, which were a gift. They weren't perfect, and they hit the donation pile about 4 times. But the reason they were pulled out is because they filled a niche in my closet that I've been unable to really fill since wearing them out. Tall stomping boots with a badass edge.

Lately, my biggest love has been these old Alice + Olivia with Payless collab boots from a couple years ago. It breaks me up because I know the likelihood of me finding a pair is next to nil. The drool worthy, but $370, Fluevog Silverlakes are a big favorite as well. I've seen these pop up on ebay, but never much less than retail. Jeffery Campbell's illustrious Clinic boots weigh in at a slightly cheaper $180, still more than I'm looking for. I'm kicking myself for not being as smart of a shopper a couple of years ago, because I remember when the Alice + Olivia boots came out.

Alice + Olivia Madison Boot
Jeffery Campbell Clinic Boot
Fluevog Silverlake Boot
Do you ever go on searches for that perfect item? What do you do when you just can't find the right thing? Seen any good black ankle boots?


  1. So I searched for boots on Slim pickins, but there are a few for under $100. Also, I remembered seeing The Glamourai rocking some chains to toughen up a pair plain jane booties. Here are a few links I found.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh the alice and olivia one looks perfect! I hope you find it or one that is close!

  3. Yes, I sure do try looking for the perfect item, especially shoes! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect leopard print flats (true leopard with black & brown--no weird or funky embellishments). Don't give up hope!

  4. Yes, I've been on searches so I understand the emotions in them. The eager anticipation, the crushing disappointment, the glorious fulfillment...

    My searches are compounded with added difficulty from sizing; even when I find the perfect item, it's not perfect for (giant) me. I'll make adjustments (amateur tailoring) simply to get close to my dream-dates.

    Searches are hard when one has limited funds. If you find yourself close to the right pair of boots and the only thing holding you back is money, talk to me. Helping my friends is one of the joys of my life.

  5. check out Urban Outfitters! They have this brand i think it's like Deena and Ozzy or something like that but they're having a huge sale on boots!!! i saw some cute ones i wanted to buy!!!

  6. lOVE the top pair...but they are all gorgeous..I usually go on fashion hunts...Im rarely successful, lol

    Win a FAB frock from Shabby Apple!!

  7. Those Silverlake booties are what dreams are made of, too bad they are so darn expensive! Try Old Navy, this weekend all their shoes were half off and I picked up a pair of black faux suede booties for under $20. Also check out AMI Clubwear, the clothes are a little... slinky but their shoe selection is killer!

  8. I usually go to Dollhouse to search for trendy/fashion forward shoes. Here are some black platform booties I found there - - Not a wedge, but Dollhouse shoes are strangely comfortable.


    Saw these today and IMMEDIATELY thought of you!


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