Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn has Fallen

 Tee - Banana Republic, thrifted
Cardigan - Intuitions, thrifted
Jeggings - Mossimo, thrifted
Boots - Frye, ebay
Wooden bangle - thrifted

So it dropped 30 degrees in the span of about 36 hours. It was hitting the 80s earlier this week and today is in the 50s. Brr! I actually needed a jacket on top of the cardigan.

The cardigan is one of the hoarded winter/fall gear pieces that have languished away in my winter drawer waiting for the temps to drop (maybe not quite so far...) but I'm happy to finally be able to start pulling these things out. And hooray! These boots. I've been waiting too long to really wear them. I'm happy to say they're wonderfully cozy against the cold weather, and best damn 4 inch heel I've ever worn.

I'm heading over to my mom's for the day. So I may not be able to post tomorrow, but I'll still try to catch up on my blogroll via phone if possible.


  1. This is a perfect autumn outfit with the colors and boots. Those boots are so fantastic!

    Our temps have dropped significantly and it's been pouring buckets on top of that! Heather

  2. Blog roll via phone? You are a very brave woman. It gives me a headache to try to read on such a tiny screen! Enjoy your time with mama. I am SOOOOOOOO glad you got to pull out these boots. I have been waiting to see them again! They are perfect for fall and look great on you!

  3. GORGEOUS boots! Cold weather may suck, but at least it makes boot-wearing more comfortable.

  4. Your boots really are the BOMB :D Have fun with your mom :)

  5. Those boots are fantastic! You have a great shoe collection.

  6. Great sweater and boots. You have such style that, even with simple clothes, you wear the heck out of them. You have an eye for proportions and styling. I envy that talent.

  7. 50 degrees already? Eek! Your boots look kick-ass, though. I hope there's a zipper on the side. You don't have to tied them up every time your wear them, do you?

  8. Well, even if the temperatures are dropping, it looks like you will be set to go and ready to face the weather! This is a great fall outfit - the cardigan and boots are wonderful! Can't get over how cool those boots look! I love how dramatic they are! Great outfit!

  9. ooohhh, i'm in love with those boots! they're fantastic. this is a great comfy outfit! have fun at your mom's!!!


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