Thursday, October 6, 2011

Accidentally A

  Tee - Talbots, thrifted
Silk Skirt - thrifted, vintage (?)
Bracelet - (leather) Target, (metal) thrifted
Boots - Fluevog, ebay

For those who follow me, you probably are seeing the post for the latest fashion challenge. I accidentally a post. But it goes live on Monday for you to link up and find out the specs.

Today's outfit is an old standby. I've had this sitting on my clothing rack waiting to be worn. Add boots and jewelry and - Bam, Dressed. I needed something quick and easy because Hubs had an appointment this afternoon. Today I: thrifted a pair of jeans, ate some bad chinese food, ate some good philly cheesesteaks with pepperjack hot cheese!, took a walk, and drank some cranberry tea.

I plan to spend my evening watching Firefly, doing some homework and making pork tapas for dinner. What are you doing on this awesome Thursday?


  1. There is nothing better than red and stripes! It is just one of those go to outfits that always looks great. Your boots, necklace and bracelet give this look your personality though!

    I have been on the go all week so tonight I FINALLY get to go home and hopefully do a whole lot of nothing! (that's probably wishful thinking with 2 kids, a dog and a husband, lol) Have a great evening!

  2. I really, really love this! The color pallet, in addition to the stripes, is such a classic combination. I love how you added the boots for a unique and personal touch. I have a red pencil skirt of my own that I absolutely adore. A lovely outfit!

  3. I love the stripes with the red. That looks so cool with the addition of the boots. Those are such cool boots.

  4. I was just wondering this morning on my way to work (odd, I know) about when the next fashion challenge would be. I am so excited already! Great look! Stripes and red always play so well together!

  5. Great necklace! And I am looking forward to seeing what the next challenge will be...hope to incorporate it with all my pink!

  6. That skirt looks great on you, and that necklace is awesome!

  7. Love this!! It's one of my fav combos. Just finished a potluck-work mtg and now I'm wasting away on the couch.

  8. You and Callie are wearing the same outfit today! I own a red skirt and striped T too so maybe I should change. :) Cranberry tea sounds so good.

    I saw the Fashion Challenge post. I'm not sure if I'll be participating again. Maybe just one or two days? I don't have many fall trends. Hmmm...still thinking about it.

  9. love the stripes with the red! and that bracelet is so cool. my mom recently thrifted me a cashmere maxi red skirt. this inspires me to try it with some stripes!!!


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