Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Hero Colors

Top - Gap, thrifted (Can you believe it?)
Jeans - American Eagle, gift
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Headband (wrap cuff) - Target

I know what you're thinking, more grey, more stripes? Yeah, this is one of the latest sleeved tops I picked up. I realize I have a lot of grey in my closet, and somehow got thinking about color. If I was a superhero, I don't think I'd wear a black or grey outfit. It would probably be some mix of coral and turquoise or bright citrus-y tones. What would your superhero colors be?

My mom hates these type of tops (thinks they look maternity-like, which they do).. but it's perfect for today. I wore jeans to my first class and half of the day, I'm switching them out for my sweatpants for my Wellness class tonight. We're doing stretching exercises tonight, so a long top with a tight cami underneath is exactly what I need. Plus it still makes me feel a bit more dressed up than a t shirt would. I also decided to wear my target star-cuff as a headband. I wish I had more time in the morning to at least get pictures after my hair drys.


  1. If I was a super hero I would wear all black!

    I have a lot/hate relationship with these types of tops too. Since being pregnant twice, I do not want to look pregnant ever again! But...they are comfy and cute anyways :)


  2. I like this top - it looks comfy and the stripes make it interesting! :-)

  3. If I were a superhero (Super Sage?) my costume would be orange and purple. Gaudy? Maybe, but it's my favorite color combo. Of course, I'd need a cape so it could swoosh behind me dramatically.

    I avoid tops like that because I have a bit of a tummy and they make me look pregnant. :(

  4. Hmm, super hero colors. I think purple and cobalt blue.
    While on some, the top you have on would look like a maternity top, on you it looks like a nice casual top great for school.

  5. Love that top! Gray and black are quickly becoming my staples this season.

  6. good question ... I have no idea what colors I would be ... I will have to think about that one. And I think this color brings out the color in your eyes. (I just bought a maternity top today :-) and I wondered, why, Kari, why? I even joked to my daughter that I could wear it on my first day of work, and say, OOPS. I forgot to tell you one little thing :-) nah. I don't think that would be a good idea.

  7. My superhero colors would be bright purple with yellow accents. Let's hope it'd be a female hero... :)

  8. My super hero colors would totally be all bright and flashy--probably like yellow and blue and red or something. Great comfy top!

  9. I'd go with classic red and blue for a superhero look.

  10. loving the stripes with the jeans. the look is casual chic! and blue looks great with your hair!


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