Monday, September 19, 2011

Sew Sunday Ties Part 2

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Ties part 2:

I spend Sunday night finally sitting down for some "Me-Time" and decided to finally tackle the button flowers I had planned to make. I ended up with nine after about an hour and a half of working (and watching Grey's Anatomy). All sorts of colors and buttons and patterns. Some little, some big. I'm not sure where or who will end up with these. If they'll be flying solo or if they'll grace a headband or wrist cuff, but the flowers themselves got made this weekend.

The flowers are perfect for tacking on blazers, headbands, hats, cardigans, on a ponytail hairband or wearing on an elastic around your wrist. They'd be a great project to create a DIY statement necklace if you have complementary ties or even plain fabric and some buttons.

Cut a round of fabric. Doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, just watch for fabrics that ravel a bunch. Run a basic gathering stitch around the outer edge of the circle, pulling the 'flower' together. Then flatten the fabric, draw the needle down through the middle to secure. Loop the needle back up and grab your button. Without even cutting the thread you should be able to sew the button down onto the flower, covering up the rough cut gathered edge.

Some suggestions - bigger buttons look best, pick a basic two or four regular holed button. Ones with the holes underneath (solid on top) or large holed will show the ragged edges too much.

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See the ties worn here , here, and here.  

Edited to add: Some button flowers will be gifted to The Contributor paper sellers I know. A program I support quite heartily.

Original box of ties


  1. These turned out great! An hour and half is pretty good for 9 buttons! These would definitely look great on a blazer or a denim jacket.

    Glad you got some "me-time"

  2. What you do with these ties is so clever. And it sounds like therapy for you. Everyone wins!

    Thanks for spreading the word about the award. I hope you win! (Oops, am I allowed to say that?!)

  3. They look great, I'm looking forward to seeing them posted on garments/accessories!


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