Friday, September 9, 2011

Remix Week: Summer Top for Fall

Cardigan - xhileration, swap
 Blouse - Express, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Belt - thrifted

Arrrrg, so I pre-wrote this post last night and frustratingly the internet ate it. But here it is. Restyling my fun summer white ruffle top. I decided to stick with the summer into fall trend of red jeans, flat sneakers because Fridays are really really long days for me. My new punk belt and a cardigan from Keely. I am currently posting on my lunch break, but I hope to get around to reading everyone's blogs today and seeing how you all styled up your summer tops.

Here are some other ways of styling my white top (Sorry for the lack of link backs, no time today, will try to edit later):

Don't forget to send Keely your photo for a roundup post!

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear


  1. So cool with the colored pants! Love the shoes and belt too! Have a great weekend!

  2. GREAT top and belt! I love the red pants! This is a great look! I hope you get to relax later!

  3. I absolutely love the bright colored pants in this look! It pairs nicely with the ruffled top and cardigan. I think belting it was a very nice touch as well! Topping off a summer top with a cardigan is definitely a great go-to tactic for remixing as the weather gets colder. This week was so fun - always a job to join in with you guys on these challenges. Thank you so much!

    --Callie @

  4. Red pants are such a cool look. I like the way you styled the summer top with the cardigan. It is perfect! The shoes are just too cool.

  5. Great ruffles! You can probably wear this top year round! Thanks for doing the challenge - really enjoyed it.

  6. Such fun pants and I love how you've incorporated the summer top and made it perfect for fall! You look great!

  7. That's such a cute top, which looks so good on you, that I'm really pleased to see you explore all options for styling it. They look great. And it's interesting how various the results are, depending on what else you wear.

  8. No! Dont' tell me the internet eats posts! I just pre-wrote Mondays, and it's long!

    I love the contrast of the shoes and the top!

  9. Perfect addition of the drapey cardi and belt, especially with the pop of color from the red pants. I found you through EBEW, and I'm wearing red pants too--stop by and say hi if you have a second!

  10. Megan--I like the blouse with the pants, but the shoes are stealing the show.


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