Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remix Week: Lost/Forgotten

 Tee - thrifted
Jeans - X2 Denim Factory, thrifted
Shoes - Eject, ebay
Jacket - Valentino Roma, etsy
Today the jeans were lost and forgotten. I got these in the summer. They're a heavier dark denim so that got worn only once before being filtered to the bottom of the pile. They've got a great fit though. I had to hem them myself and they are still a bit long. It's still rainy and miserable today so I wanted some jeans and tshirt. A little old, a little new. My favorite eject shoes, a new tee, some jeans and a new jacket. I think these jeans will happily come out more often now that the weather is cooling (for now).

Speaking of jackets, I'm sorta debuting stuff this week. Even though it's Remix Week, I'm trying to get tangible with my clothing. Especially the stuff that hasn't been worn yet. I never quite get a feel for how to wear a garment until I've worn it a few times. This jacket just arrived in the mail. I wanted to get a shot of it right away. I have lusted after this jacket for months. After trying to find anything that could trump it, nothing could. I'm amazed at the fit too. So perfect. Not to mention the seller was incredibly nice and supremely helpful.

Have you checked out our participants?  What items have fallen to the back of your closet lately? Try pulling them out and breathing new life into them.


  1. I love the slouchy and relaxed fit of the jeans. I think they're a perfect piece for those dark, cool autumn days to come. Today's prompt was such a great idea. I love rediscovering old pieces and having an excuse to wear them. It's very refreshing. Also loving your new collection of jackets! So great!

  2. great jeans. i can see you wearing them a lot in the upcoming season!

  3. These jeans look great on you! I am so glad that the "forgotten piece" gets a chance at the spotlight for this challenge. I am stoked for this one today!

    Your jacket is so cute too! Yay!

  4. Love a good pair of comfy jeans! This tee was great too. And WOW what a cool coat! No wonder you purchased it, it's the bomb and very you :-)

    Like your hair today, it looks a little different, maybe more straight?

  5. liking those jeans. always fun to wear them, especially after they've gone hiding for a while (or after being fat from having a baby and finding them later when you've lost the weight - hee hee). that jacket is pretty cool too!


  6. I love this outfit. That jacket is so very cool. I like the tee also, love birds.
    I will be getting out my fall/winter clothes and I am sure I have forgotten some things during the past few months.

  7. Cool jeans, fun tee, awesome jacket!

  8. I have some rarely worn vintage pieces that I might have to get out this week. They're hard for me to style.

  9. Your casual outfit feels so tender so comfortable, and make the day seem so delightful just because for that sweet attire! love you, love your way of being yourself real!! You make the simple outfit speaks so aloud…. Your pretty smiles so sweet to delight the whole pictures!!
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  10. If I did this orphan challenge I could probably keep it going for several weeks, even. I'm terrible!

  11. Those jeans ARE fantastic on you! I really like the jacket.

  12. I want that jacket! In my size, of course....

  13. I guess I am unofficially participating in Remix Week! :) I always have at least one thrift item and/or one consignment item in my outfits these days!

    Love that graphic tee. Very cool.

  14. I like the way the tee and the jeans work together in this pairing. I haven't been able to participate the way that I wanted to -- flooding issues in my house have eaten up all my time.


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