Monday, September 19, 2011


 Tee - Gap, thrifted
Skirt - All Saints
Belt - from my gunmetal Audra Jean harness
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted

Necklace close up
 While I did take the weekend off from blogging, I hardly could keep from dressing up! Two new things to the blog. Another All Saints skirt from the same collection as this top and my Live Long and Prosper necklace! I actually bought the necklace awhile ago, but realized belatedly that the shop was on vacation. The necklace has been on my wishlist for awhile. It's more delicate than I expected, but that's actually good in my opinion. I hate heavy jewelry because it tends to get on my nerves by the end of the day. I actually forgot I had this on after awhile. So A+. Also the seller wrote me a personalized note, and wrapped the necklace up in a lovely Science officer blue paper and a box.

The skirt was different than I was expecting. I meant to buy this as a winter skirt and the other for summer. But the fabrics were much different than I expected. I can still toss thick tights on and wear this one for winter, but I felt like a princess floating around in this today. The color inspiration came from a photo I saw on Pinterest, but I've been unable to find the photo since - I don't think I repinned it. Anyway, I keep hearing plaids are big for fall (again) so this skirt happily joined my closet.

This outfit was worn to see the Lion King with a new school friend. I'm making so many friends this year, both on blog and off-blog. It's very exciting!

Edited to add: The front details are hitched/pick-ups.  Check out the skirt on the actual site for better detail shots.


  1. What a cool skirt and it looks awesome with this green top! This green is a great color on you :)

    Ok, I am going to sound dumb by asking, but the Live Long and Prosper is Star Trek right?


  2. Adorable! That skirt is amazing!I love that you paired it with green too.

  3. Your necklace is making the nerdy part of my brain very happy!

  4. Love the necklace. My son would as well. And this skirt is great. I love the pockets!

  5. I love the shape of the skirt and I love the necklace! Though I'm more of a TNG fan, but the originals are pretty fun!

  6. That is a seriously pretty necklace!

  7. good friends are hard to come by! so I'm glad to hear that you're making some. Love this skirt on you -- are those pockets? Would love to see a close up of that detail.

  8. I love the shape of that skirt! With the pockets and flippy-ness of it, it's so unique. I love it!

  9. This skirt drives me absolutely craaaazy. I love the print and the shape. It's so pretty!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Love me some ST! I did not know they had necklaces like that. A long time ago I bought a pin that looks like a communicator in the later ST's. I am a total ST nerd!
    I love that color of green. I bought a cardigan that color after I saw someone wear it on their blog. Now I need to find some plaid to wear with it like you did. Love your outfit.

  11. I need that necklace, and that colour looks SO GOOD with your hair and eyes.

  12. That skirt is awesome, I love the style and plaids are huge for fall yet again! Glad you took the weekend off for a few days to yourself!

  13. Fun! And more versatile now that it's a lighter skirt! All season!

  14. Aaahhh...what a magnificent skirt! I can just imagine the remix possibilities...

  15. More awesome Star Trekky goodness. Love!

    And man, I need some All Saints. I love their stuff on you and Audi.



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