Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pink and Red

 Pink top - FXXI, thrifted
Shorts - Express Blues, thrifted
Vest - All Saints
Shoes - Fly London
Bag - Ecko red, thrifted

When I was doing my informal Red Week, Wendy asked me to post a picture of what I would have worn if I paired pink and red. Normally, I'm all over the challenge of color blocking, but I seriously have only a few pink pieces. I was already dressed, but couldn't decide what shoes would go well. My Fly London pumps have been sort of neglected lately, so I figured I'd still take the challenge of pairing pink and red.

Things have been a bit tense today, but I'm still shooting for positivity and getting things done. I finally found and ordered my fall jacket. I've started slowly putting summer things away. It's really too early to do so, but there's some stuff that I know I probably won't wear again before the temperatures drop. You may have noticed that I've really turned towards a lot of denim lately. I'm ready for skinny jeans and boots. And layers, glorious layers.

Stuck in that end of summer rut? Ready for fall as much as I am? Join Keely and I in our latest Fashion Challenge.


  1. Those are some fly shoes :)

    I am looking forward to fall too but it's not happenin' until at least October!

  2. That fall jacket is so perfect and so you! Love it! Red and pink look great together, although I don't think I have ever done it myself. The red shoes look great with the rest of the outfit! Good call on the shoes :-)

  3. I adore the Fall jacket you chose!!!

  4. I think that those red shoes would look great with just about anything.

  5. Normally, I don't like pink and red, but for some reason, this really works for me! The only way I can describe it is: "I think it's because the pink is more of a light red", which is, of course, is not the same as: "I think it's because the pink is more of a pink", even though light red is technically pink. You can feel free to ignore me at this point, I am blathering.

  6. Love this! The shoes are a great way to get red in.

    As for me, I would prefer summer go on forever!

  7. I love this. But I LOVE your fall jacket! Love!

  8. It might be getting older, but every year I gravitate more and more toward fall. It's just so hot! I am so anxious that I pulled out my skinny jeans today!

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow! It sucks being stressed.

    It is so hard to pair pink and red because that stupid February holiday just ruined it! But you do it well here. I love the heels!

  9. this vest is so fabulous! it really pulls together this entire outfit. and those red shoes are pretty darn amazing too!



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