Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Need to Move

Tank - Cynthia Rowley, swap
Short - Express, thrifted
Boots - Fluevog, ebay

I usually prefer a hot day to a cold one. But today the heat has finally gotten to me. Another running errands day in the hottest part of the day because we missed bank hours yesterday. After only an hour and a half, I feel heatsick. I'm drinking a tall Arizona green tea and laying under the fan now. But I am accomplished today. Got everything I needed done, and I plan to finish watching the BBC 1981 version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this evening. Shaping up much better than Monday.

I had no idea what to wear today. I've been wanting to wear this tank again since Trends week, and while I had the recommendation to wear with leggings, the only color leggings I own are a jean-like blue. So I decided my worn in shorts would dress it down. Before anyone asks, yep boots. When it's this hot, my feet like to be encased in cotton that will absorb sweat and not blister.

How're you staying cool this summer? Anyone in the opposite hemisphere missing the heat?


  1. I bought a folding fan off of Amazon, and whenever I bring it out everyone else around gets jealous. Highly recommended.

  2. @ Mym - Brilliant idea. I might find something to tuck in my purse like that.

  3. Cute! I'm in San Diego today and it is hot here too!

  4. This top is so cool! Glad it made another appearance. I like the dressed down version, even with the boots. I give you major credit for wearing boots in this heat! I am definitely lookingforward to fall!

  5. I'm staying cool by...doing nothing. Putting on a sweater to stay warm!

    Love seeing the top done with the shorts and booties. Awesome!

  6. Very cute.. I love that tank! :)

    It has been miserably hot here too.. and I have been running around it it. So draining!
    I'm thinking my in-law's pool sounds pretty great right about now. :)

  7. Rally cute top. It is so cool with the boots and shorts.

  8. Oh, I love how dressed down that tank!! You look fabulous!

    I love the heat! (The humidity, not so much, but on the days when the humidity is low and it's still hot, I'm sooo happy!) I've been making do with sandals and sundresses or sleeveless tops and skirts for the most part. On those days, I'm forced to wear pants, I about die though!

  9. I seriously don't know how it makes you more comfortable to wear boots. To each his (or her!) own though! :)

    I love that you paired that fabulous tank with shorts. It's such a great contrast and perfect for a hot day! You look awesome.

  10. We definitely are not missing the heat here in Kentucky. It has been absolutely miserable!!! Love that tank, I'm a sucker for shiny stuff :)

  11. Ha Ill take a cold day over a hot day! The heat is killer.. Loving the look by the way!

    LOVE!, Angel

  12. This is a cool outfit, no pun intended ;)

    I typically like to wear as little clothes as possible and avoid the outside as much as I can. We were out in the heat on Sunday and it was miserable.


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