Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Linen Pineapples

Dress - Sigrid Oslen, thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Moccasins - Minnetonka, thrifted, gifted
Necklace - borrowed from MIL
My Mother-in-law invited me to shop at one of the bigger Goodwills with her today. (which is why this post is so late) I thought bigger store would equal better hauls, but boy was I wrong. Between Super Saturday and last Wednesday's thrifting trip, I had a pretty good haul. But today I only came out with one shirt! One! Oh well, I decided to pick up some length of chain at Joanne's to try my hand at making a piece of jewelry I've wanted for awhile. It may show up in a tutorial if I have the time/energy.

Hubs suggested I wear my pineapple dress once more before summer's end. The dress doesn't lend itself to tons of different remix possibilities, but it is cool and comfortable. My MIL also let me borrow this awesome green necklace for the day. Overall today wasn't that bad, and hey Hubs did the laundry for me too.

Also my movie recommendation for the day: Calendar Girls. Not only is it empowering to women, it brings awareness to Leukemia and has the amazing Philip Glenister (of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes fame).


  1. That necklace is fabulous - does your MIL have good fashion sense? If so - she should guest post!!

  2. need a closeup on the necklace. Megan -- you are so cute (I hope you don't mind me saying that.) You have so many different looks and facets to you.

  3. @ Cara and Kari - Also sorry for the lack of detail shots today, the necklace (I believe) is for a theater play my MIL is costume-designing for. So it's already gone back to her!

  4. This reminds me that I must wear my pineapple skirt again!

  5. One shirt???? Bummer! But at least you've made up for it some. I love the pineapple dress and I am glad to see it make another appearance before fall hits. And kuddos to your hubby for doing the laundry!

  6. Everytime you wear this dress it makes me smile! It's such a fun print.

    Maybe to winterize it you could put a sweater over it and make into a skirt with boots and tights? It would definitely brighten up a cold dreary winter day :)


  7. Nice dress. Green doesn't get the respect it should.

    I loved "Calendar Girls." Helen Mirren is a queen and Julie Waters will always hold a place in my heart for starring in the first movie I ever saw about transsexualism ("Just Like A Woman", 1992). (It's not the best movie on the subject but its mere existence meant something to me at that time.)

  8. What a fun print on your dress! And yes, I'd like a close up of that fantastic eye candy around your neck!


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