Friday, August 5, 2011

The Jean Genie

Top (xhilaration) , jeans (converse one star)- target new stock, thrifted
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Necklace - via Mom
It's Friday, finally! The weather finally decided to back off and it was a breezy 80F with 93% humidity. So I decided to hazard one pair of my new jeans. Both pairs were skinny motocross inspired jeans: one lighter, one darker with different seaming. The other pair has seaming around the knee, and these have little zippers at the bottom. Even though I'm getting past skinny jeans, I couldn't pass these up. I had been lusting after a pair of moto-cross like jeans from Ayya Wear, but they were out of my price range. I happily forked over $7 a pair for these.

I also decided to try mixing up my hair. I know the average person doesn't like claw clips, but my hair is too short/thick to work with much else. I like the not-quite pigtail look. Also since it's Friday night, you guys should totally rock out to some Bowie, because I totally am.


  1. LOVE David Bowie!

    These jeans are pretty rockin. I saw some in a sale ad and thought about getting a pair. For $7 that's a steal.

    Your hair looks cute like that. How about a headband?


  2. I really love the casual, comfy vibe of this outfit. Those jeans are really great - I love the unique seaming! I don't think I had seen anything quite like them yet. I also think you managed an easy, go-to hair style. It's really adorable. Shorter hair can be hard to style - I chopped mine off last year, a little longer than what you have, and I remember trying to find easy styling ideas to mix it up from the day-to-day cut. Super adorable!


  3. Those are really cool jeans. I like to wear things you do not see everyone else wearing. It is hard to find unique jeans without spending an arm and leg. Your shoes are really cute too.

  4. @ She - exactly! I think that's why I was so drawn to them. I like jeans with details. ;D

  5. As a pioneering gender-bender of my generation, Bowie has always been a big favorite of mine. His ideas and looks evolved more than your average pop-star and often were deeply appealing.

    I like what you did with your hair. Very cute.

  6. I'm not a jeans person at all, but lately I've been wanting some! I wish the thrifting gods would smile down on me.

  7. Fantastic jeans! You can't go wrong for 7bucks :)

  8. P.S. love your hair pulled back too. I completely understand about having to use the claws - my hair is superfine but super thick too so is very finicky about what i use to pull it back!

  9. Those are really cool jeans! And for the price you paid...what a great price!! Have you tried tying a scarf or a headband in the hair to create a different look?

  10. Love the detail on the jeans. And nowadays I wouldn't even call those skinny jeans because they're not so tight you have to shave them off!


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