Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five am shop

 Tank - thrifted
Vest - Express, thrifted
Trouser - INC, thrifted
Vans-look-alike - RYZ, gift

Still on the weird end of this sleep-fixing thing. I needed to run to the store for half and half (for coffee) and haircolor (forgot it the other day, maybe due to the sleep thing?). D and I decided breakfast was also in order. Everyone wears sequins to grocery shop and grab breakfast at 5 am right?

click to embiggen
I also wore out my new shoes for the first time. I tossed my old Vans since they were more than worse for wear. I had them from 2004-2010 I believe. So a pretty good run. I also got rid of many of my Chucks months ago since they had been around even longer. I don't wear 'casual' shoes all that frequently, but since my mom doesn't have a car - we walk everywhere. She bemoaned my lack of "walking shoes" until she finally just got me a pair of slip-on sneakers. I like them - the abstract design has a very Cheshire grin. Moms are the best, yeah?


  1. I love your Vans! I have a pair of brown checkered ones with skulls and crossbones and love them! This outfit is adorable and you stepped it up by adding that fun sequined vest. Love it!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the anniversary too:) That was really sweet!


  2. Great outfit -- very stylish. Love each element of it.

  3. Moms ARE the best! I get the talking to all the time from everyone about my lack of appropriate walking/hiking footwear. I would def wear sequins at 5 a.m.!!! Love this edgy look on you!

  4. ack. I lost my comment. You look adorable in this outfit. That vest is amazing. I have never seen a sequined vest before. I also have a pair of pants that reminded me of you when I got them. I'm going to wear them in a challenge soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

  5. Megan - I love the new header...did you do it yourself?

    Your striped pants make me smile :)

  6. I like the fact that you are wearing all neutrals, since it makes the fun prints stand out.


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