Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Remix Week


Are you guys ready?! The latest installment of Fashion Challenge is soon to begin. Hosted by your's truly and the ever-fantastic Keely, we started strong with Super Stripes, moved onto a Fruits inspired spring, and sizzled up the summer with Trends. Now pulling inspiration from your own closet during this transitional time of the year - we're REMIXING! Wanna join? Here's how:

1. Save the button above and put it in your sidebar or in your participating posts.*

2. Leave a comment and Link Up on this post by September 5th.
Please let me know if you experience any problems
with the new link up system.

3. Dress up from Monday, September 5th to Friday, September 9th
*Dress up for whichever themes work best for you. 
One or all five days, we welcome all participants.

4. At the end of the week email Keely ( your favorite 
Fashion Challenge photo so you can be part of the round-up.


  1. I'm in! This will be a fun one! Thanks to you and Keely for another great challenge. My favorite thing about these challenges are the great people you meet, plus you have to think outside the box!

  2. I'm definitely in! It was so much fun the last time. And I'll try to be more on time with my posting (it should be cooler, so dressing might not be as big a problem)!

  3. you guys always come up with the best fashion challenges! i can't WAIT to do this!!!

  4. What an exciting challenge! I can't wait to see everyone take part in this effort!

  5. Looks like fun Megan - count me in!

  6. This sounds like fun, I've never done a challenge but I think I might just try one of these...


  7. Looking forward to another great round! Thank you ladies for hosting these fun little events! :)

  8. I'm in- I've done Kendi Everyday's remixing challange twice now so hope by now I'm a pro!

  9. What a fun remix idea! Thanks for the tip, Heather.

  10. Phew - made it in under the deadline - I definitely need a challenge to get me dressed this coming week!


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