Monday, August 22, 2011

Fancy Monday

Top - Como Petites, thrifted 
Skirt - IZ Byer, thrifted
Sandals - Van Eli, thrifted

This past weekend wasn't my weekend (seriously, I tripped getting out of bed!). So I tried to start today off on a good foot by picking out some pre-made outfits this week. I guess that got the ball rolling because Arizona tea was on sale, I got everything done on time today, and I'm feeling pretty good.

And to top if off, I've got good news for everyone! Keely and I alllmost have the next Fashion Challenge hammered out. I'll have the post with all the info up for you asap! So keep a look out. We're also brainstorming the next two challenges. If you have an idea for Challenge, feel free to drop me or Keely an email.


  1. So so love this outfit! The top is great and looks really nice on you! I can't decide if this or your white crops are my fave. Or your pineapple dress, or your yellow skirt, OK I will stop now!

    Glad you are feeling good!


  2. What a sassy outfit to help your day go well! Maybe I'll blame my outfit for my day (ok, I'll blame the weather - freakishly hot right now!).

  3. This looks great on you -- that skirt is such a great fit!

  4. That pencil skirt looks great on you. I always feel fancy when I wear a cute skirt.

  5. What a great top, stylish skirt and snazzy sandals -- they all work! Your outfits always come together.

  6. Glad to hear your day is going better! You look great! I am stoked for the next challenge!

  7. I'm coveting that top -- something like that is what I need to break up the black t-shirt parade.

  8. What a gorgeous silhouette on you!

    I am not sure how to make your new banner into a widget to put on the side of my blog...

  9. The blouse is just beautiful! Love the print, color, shape.....everything!


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