Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Forward

Top - Vera for Kohls, swap
Belt - thrifted
Paris Pumps - John Fluevog

I tried planning ahead for my week of clothes. I felt a bit in a rut. This outfit has by far been my favorite. I adored the autumnal colors. I still can't believe this skirt used to be a men's shirt. If Hubs doesn't watch out, his closet may become prey to my sewing machine.

Also thanks to my best friend, M, I'm planning to hit Super Saturday for two ties and I plan on making belts! Belts! I always find gorgeous silk ties and while I know many people can carry off a tie, I don't feel I'm one of them. So keep an eye out because I'm hoping to make a tutorial for tie transformations.


  1. I knew this shirt would do you more justice than me. Love it tucked in with this shirt/skirt!

    Can't wait to see how you do the ties as belts. My most creative way so far was just to tie the tie around my waist and cover it up with a blazer.


  2. oh wow! I love what you did with that shirt! I may have to copy you!

  3. This cute skirt used to be a men's shirt??? Get outta town! Looks great! I wish you could teach me how to use my sewing machine.

    Anyhow, I love the autumn colors. Can't wait until it also feels like autumn!

  4. Fabulous colors! That skirt youade is so cool! I've had a couple ties in storage waiting for inspiration so I'm looking forward to your ideas and tutorials.

  5. See, and I thought of all the people I "know", you'd be the most likely to be able to pull off a tie! You should try it some time!

    And I can't believe I already forgot about men's shirt as skirts! My attention span is about 2 seconds long! I'll have to make a note in my phone for the next time I'm thrifting! I love how I have to scroll back up everytime that I read it's your man's shirt skirt to see it again!

  6. I really admire re-purposed clothes. The ingenuity, the positive environmental effect.

    Turning ties into belts is a natural. I have over 200 ties and usually retire a few dozen at a time. I can't find any use for them. If you or anyone else wants them to make belts or anything else, I'd be thrilled to mail them to you instead of discarding them.

  7. That is a really cute skirt. I would not have guessed it was made from a man's shirt! I can hardly wait to see your tie project!

  8. You are one talented chick :) I love the eyeliner today!

  9. Oh my goodness, you are GORGEOUS! I too love the autumnal colors and just the entire silhouette is fantastic on you. I love the draping in the top, too.

  10. I love the draped top with the stiff skirt... and I really love the contrast of classical draping with your men's workshirt-turned-skirt! A lovely contrast between ethereal and practical....


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