Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ankle Pants

 Top - the Limited, thrifted
Denim Ankle Pants - Levi, thrifted, gifted
Shoes - Michael Antonio, thrifted
Necklace and Earrings - via Mom

Okay, so I adore Ee of Eek! for her ankle pants based outfits. I've just never had the guts before to buy myself a pair. Mom gifted me this pair from one of her thrifting hauls, so I had no way to say no! I originally had on my Louboutins with this outfit, but D made a face. He usually doesn't have many opinions on what I wear, but I knew that if he had a strong reaction that I needed to change shoes. I haven't gotten much wear out of these pumdals (pumps+sandals) since they're kind of ~fancy~ so I gave 'em a shot.

The linen blend knit top was my last thrifting purchase before my self-imposed ban. I'm hoping to do a write-up once things get official. Currently I'm no longer thrifting, but I'm still looking for the right fall jacket to come my way and to purchase some much needed wool tights from my favorite place: Sock Dreams! But in light of this shopping ban - keep an eye out because Keely and I are currently discussing not only the next Fashion Challenge, but the next two. We're really excited about this.


  1. These ankle pants look fantastic on you! Glad you gave them a try, because they really flatter your figure. The shoes were a great choice too!

    Looking forward to the next fashion challenge. The suspense is killing me!


  2. Getting caught up on your blog!

    - love the chain thingy! So cool. Alas, I fear I am too old for it...but I do love it!
    - the ankle pants are fab on you! You look miles tall!
    - what size are you in a fall jacket? What kind of style/colour are you looking for? I'm going to my fave consignment store on Sunday and will find something for you. :)
    - have not received The Package (you are such a dear!) but will let you know when I do.

  3. Love those ankle pants! (And tell Sheila that she's not too old for anything?). And I love the green with the silver shoe

  4. YOU, my dear, are adorable and those pants are perfection on you. Wear them all the time now, mkay?

    Seriously, I love them.

  5. I think those shoes look great with the white pants.

  6. OMGosh I love the ankle pants and this top is a great way to have a shopping hiatus. The pumpdals were a good pick. Looking great lady and I am STOKED for the next challenge!

  7. aw, thanks for the love :)

    ankle pants are given a bad rap - I love the way you styled yours!

  8. love this outfit. those shoes look great though i'm positive your Louboutins would've pretty awesome too! i can't wait for your next challenges! so exciting!


  9. I love this. So simple, but so pretty. It feels dainty and the look on your face looks very satisfied. I'm currently reading blogs and writing a list of possible theme days for the challenge. :)

  10. oh, BTW. LOVE your new header! LOVE!

  11. Glad you took the plunge - the ankle pants look smashing!

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  13. I can't wait for your next challenges! I had so much fun on the last one.


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