Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Weekend


Sorry for the quietness this weekend. I've been stolen away by this gorgeous little girl. My mom's newest outdoor cat (aka neighborhood cats without homes), Annabelle, is a solid black oriental kitty. She's so tiny and sweet. Her ears are huge and gorgeous.  Spike, Mom's ginger indoor cat, has a big crush on her (though he doesn't have the balls to do anything about it, literally). They talk through the door all the time and he rushes up the door to touch noses with her anytime someone opens the door. The above photo is the two having a little visit.

Sammy, Mom's black kitty, isn't as fond of her, so Annabelle stays outside with the rest of the outdoor kitties. But she's possibly one of the sweetest ones, and one of the few who comes looking for people-attention. This is a fashion blog, but I needed a good recap of how I spent this awesome weekend. And c'mon who doesn't love kitty pictures? Back on monday with a more sartorial post.


  1. Aw! She is gorgeous! I love black cats! lol
    Btw, is that a pink door?? I LOVE it!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    And hey, it's your blog! You can share kitty pics if you want too! :D

  2. @ Yep - My mom has a great apartment. She also has a tiffany blue accent wall! She painted it all herself too.

  3. Aww! The kitties are so cute! No wonder you were quiet in the blog world, I would have been playing with Annabelle also. Our neighbor's two cats come hang with us in the mornings for our photo shoots. We love their company :)

  4. Awesome, maybe she would let you share some pics one day! I love lots of color. :)

    Sounds like you did amazing at the goodwill today! Our unfortunately doesn't do any kind of special sales (or if they do, I don't know anything about them) I did manage to find my kitchen table there for $30. I am going to blog it one of these days.. It was my first major furniture transformation. I stripped, sanded, stained and painted that thing! I was very proud of myself haha.
    Also, your hubs sounds like mine. Sometimes I can't even shop because I am having to answer the phone or text him back. I think men are just one of those things in life we will never understand lol.
    Good luck on your couponing! Let me know if you score some awesome deals! I am so addicted haha.


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