Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Closet Orphan

Dress - Karen Kane, thrifted
Sandals - Van Eli, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
I have a number of dresses, and most of them all have similar elements, colorways, or at least invoke the same style. But this dress (and my pineapple one) are sore thumbs in my closet. I can't give haven't given either one up because they're just so perfect for these super humid, hot days. [Really, Megan? The weather, again?] Besides, this picture doesn't do this swishy dress justice. It's just so fun!

Instead of weather, let's talk about True Blood and how the episodes can not come out fast enough! I've been a totally tv and movie hound this summer. I don't always have a ton of time to watch movies during the semester so I try to make up for it in down time. Speaking of which, summer is slipping away and classes begin in a measly four weeks!


  1. You look GREAT in this dress! I love this dress on you. It looks fantastic with your hair and fits you great. If you ever want to swap this dress with me though, just let me know!


  2. This dress is a classic! The color and pattern are so complimentary on you! I've never seen True Blood . . . and I feel slightly out of the loop for it.

  3. I love "True Blood" and have seen every episode up to the new season. Who do you like in the show? Bill? Erik? Sam? Sookie?

  4. @ Shybiker - I'm Team Eric Northman all the way!

  5. I love this dress! especially on you. I love seeing the colors that you wear, because our colorings are so similar, and I would definitely wear this one. Isn't it a drag about the weather? My post today was about the heat as well!

  6. Love the dress! The pattern is so pretty!
    I know what you mean about tv and movies. I took the summer off from school and I have became a huge couch potato. lol And then, I had to sign up on netflix... sigh... And here i was going to try to get back in shape this summer. ha.
    I've seen the first season of true blood.. watched it online, but the website gave me a virus and I have been scared ever since. I have been wanting to read the books though, have you read them? I love pretty much anything with some vampires in it. :) I started watching Being Human on the scyfy channel, its pretty good too.
    Well, I will stop rambling now.. lol
    Oh, I watched HP! AWESOME!!!
    Okay.. I'm seriously done now. :D

  7. You look beautiful in this dress. It really does look smashing with your hair. The style reminds me of "the" Marilyn Monroe white dress.

  8. I love that dress! Why not wear it with a top over it (or a sweater or a jacket) when the weather is cooler? The skirt is so nice and swooshy!

    I adore True Blood (and I like the TV show much more than the books). I am in major lust with Eric - nom nom nom. I love that he's all sweet right now.

  9. Don't throw out the odd ones out! Trust me! I did that a couple years ago, and out went a maxi dress (kicked myself when they came back in), and out went a wonderful chunky knit cardigan.... sigh...

  10. You look gorgeous - the colors of this dress really look great on you! Definitely keep this dress!

  11. I really do love this dress - the color is perfect! I also love to know there is another True Blood junkie out there! Definitely one of my favorite shows. I have slipped into watching TV a lot this summer too, since classes during the school make it impossible to find the time. I know the feeling! Haha.


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