Friday, June 17, 2011

Xmen First Class

Teal top - Studio Y, thrifted
Capris - Banana republic, thrifted and altered
Sandals - Van Eli, thrifted

Mom and I hit up our second movie of the summer: X-men First Class. I was happily pleased with the movie as a long time X-men fan. I was pretty pleased with the actor choices. James McAvoy made a great young Professor X. I originally saw him in Starter for 10 , which I wasn't terribly fond of, but I learned that he is an astounding actor who can play both cool and collected Xavier and bumbling British college kid. I've enjoyed most of the X-men movies, but in particular was fond of the Wolverine Origins installment. Can't wait to see what might be lined up next.

For those less interested in geek talk, today's outfit needed to be comfortable, easy and cool. I was a bit worried about this top after Wednesday's discomfort, but I didn't have any issues with feeling like a wardrobe malfunction might happen and I love the funky neckline. These capris have much more appeal now that I'm pretending they're grey (actually black and grey mini-striped). And I stuck with my new sandals because they're comfortable and I didn't feel like pulling out the under the bed box to find another pair.

What are your weekend plans? Has anyone else seen the newest X-men? Any summer movies you're excited to see?


  1. I this whole look. That top is adorable and those capris are so cute with the metallic sandal and bracelet...perfect!

  2. Great top! My son got to see x-men before me! :-(

  3. ooohh, i should see the Xmen movie. but i never get to see movies and end up going out to eat with the hubby when we actually have date time. love that top on you. it's cute and a great color!

  4. Hi There! Thank you for commenting and I am glad you enjoyed the sheath dress revamp! Can't wait to see it in a future blog post of yours! I am following your blog!

  5. Holy hotness, woman. You look amazing! That top is fantastic and I love the capris on you!

    So...X-men. I would've gone to see it if I was still married and my husband wanted to go. On my own, probably not likely. I would still go with him but since he's not working right now, he has more time and will likely go by himself.

    Anyway...other movies...HARRY POTTER! And I'm still trying to figure out what Pottermore is. There will be an announcement on Thursday at 7AM...while I'm driving to work so I need someone to tell me! I'm hoping it's an online gaming world. Yes, please.

    /ramble. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. I love the top on you - you look fabulous :) I'm also liking the hair long do you plan on growing it?

  7. @ Ee - I haven't really decided yet. I'm trying to get over the first bump of goofy weird shape, but probably going to get it trimmed into an edgy A-line bob and let it grow from there.

  8. Your sandals are so cute and go perfectly with your style. I don't know if it's a summer movie or not, but I'm really looking forward to the new Captain America and the Avenger movies coming out. Marvel is on a roll!

  9. Nice.... you know this is something I think Sheila would wear :)
    You guys independently remind me of each other in a good way!

  10. James McAvoy is hot! I love this outfit - Lorena is so right! I think we may be related somewhere along there, haa ha!

  11. You look so different without your glasses! That is a gorgeous picture of you!


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