Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Suit Myself

Blouse - LOFT, thrifted
Blazer - Sisley, thrifted
Trousers - Studio Max, thrifted
Boots - Frye
I love this blazer. I wear it when I want to feel skinny and tall. It's so perfectly cut I wish I had it in a million colors. Anyway, I hung this thrifted shirt in beside it and knew I wanted to wear them together sometime. It's been miserable weather-wise this past week. Grey and chilly. Quite out of character for this time of year.

My current hair is finally beginning to leave Bieber-stage and is moving into Samantha Carter/Amanda Tapping-stage. I'm want to try some kind product to bring out the texture more a la Sam Carter. I had my mom trim up the back last time I visited her. It's not noticeable in blog photos, but it's infinitely less frizzy/crunchy now. I adore razor cuts, but hate growing them out.

Anyway, don't forget to check out the next Fashion Challenge!


  1. I can't believe you thrifted that blazer - it was cut for your body.

    It's been miserable everywhere, so it seems. Rainy and in the low 60s here too. Ugh.

  2. I thrifted a grey wool blazer a month ago that was made for me. I didn't even see it on the rack, someone had left it in the change room when I went in to try something on. Major score!

  3. I see what you mean about wanting this in every color - I want it in every color too! The cut is absolutely perfect on you! Love the pop of color underneath too :)

  4. That blazer looks great on you!

  5. @ Twills - I believe this one was thrown onto a random rack. It looked like it might fit so I tried it on for giggles and it was perfect!

  6. It was a rainy day here, too! Really started coming down when I was unloading my groceries too.
    I must remember the color combination of the tops...

  7. Such a perfect blazer. I love it with the red top. The colors play so well together. The weather has also been unseasonably chilly here. I'm ready for warmth!

  8. That blazer is a fabulous cut indeed!

  9. You look so sophisticated (yet still somehow edgy!) today! And FYI, you never had Bieber hair!

  10. That blazer really does make you look long and slender... And I think your hair is great! I wish mine would stay the same way when it was short.

  11. Um, I don't think you've ever looked like Justin Bieber. For what it's worth.

    I do love that jacket on you, it fits like a glove! That red shirt is perfect with it too.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  12. Growing hair out is the biggest pain, I agree. I am thinking of doing that myself. We'll see how long that lasts!

    You look so serious and professional here. I kind of like it ;)


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