Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mister and Missus

Suit - Calvin Klein
Tie - Thrifted
Shoes - Florsheim
Top - La Belle, thrifted
Pedalpushers - Banana Republic, thrifted
Paris Pumps - Fluevog
 Click pics to embiggen.

A rare Husband sighting! D was dressed up all snazzy for a job interview, and I had to get pics of him! He hasn't quite gotten the blogger-pose down yet. We finally found a slimmer cut suit at an affordable price that only needed minor alterations. I never knew menswear was so difficult! I can't wait to be able to go back for the tan suit we passed up though. ♥

About my outfit, I found these ankle pants back in like... January or something ridiculous. I've worn them around the house a bunch, but couldn't figure out a way to really make them work. So I tried cuffing them up and adding big buttons to the cuff. Much better, but then I kept getting stumped by color. They're a tiny striped pant that's not really grey or brown or well any real color. So I did the logical thing and paired with black and metallic. I think if I treat them more like a medium warm grey they'll be easier to wear.

One last reminder, Fruits Week starts tomorrow! Feel free to join in any time!


  1. A siting from the hubby! He looks spiffy in his suit. Good luck on the interview. My husband just asked me why he hasn't got to make an appearance on my blog yet. Maybe he will have to make an appearance soon.

    Your cropped ankle pants are really cute with the button. When I find a weird color that I have a hard time pairing things with, I just treat it as a neutral. Why not? It makes it easier to style. Maybe red, pink, yellow?

  2. That's a nice suit. It's cute that your husband is willing to post an outfit too.

  3. I would never have known that those pants weren't dark grey if you hadn't said!

    Your husband is a cutie - no one can resist a man in a suit. Good luck to him on the interview!

  4. They look greyish-greenish to me... :)
    They're really cute!

    Ok, now I have a confession to make:
    I did wear the "Banana-Outfit" today...
    I don't own anything that looks like lime/lemon but wanted to wear something for Fruits Week on Monday, too. Sorry. :(
    You want me to wait till Wednesday before I show it on my blog?

  5. Love those pants. And, I never knew how awful it was to shop for menswear until I met my now husband. Apparently they don't make clothes for tall, thin men.... It's beyond frustrating.

  6. However difficult these pants may seem to style, I think they look fabulous on you :) and you wore them well.
    Hope your h's interview went great :)

  7. Oh my gosh how cute that you both did an OOTD, I love it! I have a few pair of shorts and capris that are like this..hard to style because I can't figure out what color they are! I think you did great though going with can't really ever go wrong pairing something with black in my book:) And the pumps just look fabulous with the ankle length of the pants!

  8. I love that top and your hubby looks so spiffy. I hope his interview went well!


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