Friday, May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Pet Peeves

Dress - En Focus Studio, thrifted, shortened
Tee - Talbots, thrifted
Flats - United Nude
Bracelets - gift from Sarina
Earrings - via Mom

I'm sure this topic has been talked to death today, but since I do enjoy answering questions and Modly Chic so kindly provides them... Here we go, my blogging pet peeves**:
  1. Cluttered designs/Difficult to read due to background - I know we all have fun with the design editor, but please please please use an opaque (not see-through) design. Especially if you have text. It's impossible for me to read what you've got to say if your background is fusing through everything. I'm not a big fan of the wibiya or whatever or any of those header/footer obscuring widgets.
  2. Photo-only blogs - I'm sure you own some nice stuff, have a nice camera, and live in a place that seems to be permanently in twilight, but I like to make friends. Really. I care about getting to know the blogs I read. I'd rather follow a blog with something good to say than the best eye candy.
  3. Spam filters/Disqus - While these two things don't keep me from reading a blog, they do affect how easily/quickly I am able to comment. I like to be able to scroll back up or have your post open while I comment. It's really hard if your comment form goes to another page, pops up a thing. Additionally, having to type captcha slows me down in commenting. I'm not a robot, promise.  I like the idea of Disqus and did have it on MMD for a time, but I've hit upon the fact that in some cases I cannot get Disqus to load at all. I can't comment! 
And because I don't want to be a downer today - Go check out these awesome links:
**Edited to add: These pet peeves are not meant to be negative, but are a reflection of accessibility and what I prefer when looking for blogs to read. This list isn't going to stop me from reading, but will make it harder for me to connect to a new blog. I know some people found today's topic negative, but I think we need to address the "concerns" alongside the "positive".


    1. here is a question for you. Is my disqus not on the same page for you? On mine it opens on the same just as you describe and you can scroll down and not open another page. But now I wonder from your complaint if it isn't doing that for others. Also once you log in you don't have to again and nothing should ever pop up.


    2. @ Hillary - It seems the opening to a new page or window is a blogger setting for comments, not disqus. Disqus just has issues with loading or actually opening posts.

    3. um, I love those turquoise shoes!

      I definitely agree - ease of reading and/or commenting sometimes determines how much I go to a blog.

    4. Cute, comfy dress and shoes! Loved the jokes. Made me chuckle. And please email me anytime my Disqus does something bad. I'd really appreciate.:) Have a great weekend!

    5. My Disqus never works! Sorry Hilary, I love your blog but I think maybe it's because I use Opera?

    6. I've totally given up on blogs that have Disqus comments because it takes SO long for them to load (and I'm on lowly little ol' Windows IE on a computer, so it's not like I'm doing something weird here).

      I also hate when people don't shrink their pictures because it takes forever for the page to load. My time is short!

      I've given up on the word captcha, but I still moderate as I get a fair bit of spam.

    7. Actually I agree with your pet peeves especially the first one. Whenever I encounter over decorated sort of a background, I immediately close the page since it is irritating to see.


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