Friday, May 27, 2011

Color Me Ready

 Dress - UO urban renewal, thrifted
Cardigan - Studio Y, thrifted
Moccasins - Minnetonka, gifted&thrifted

I could spend today talking about my hair. But I've spoken about it enough. (seriously, just read this.)  Instead, I'm going to talk about how excited I am for next week! It's FRUITS WEEK! If you don't already know about click that link or the badge in my sidebar. →

Today's weather wasn't really ready for this dress - but I'm tired of waiting and "saving" things. So I tossed on a cardigan. It's been meltingly hot, then humid rainy, then about 14 hours of cool weather before it's hot enough to melt your eyeballs. So frustrating! Not to mention the cicadas (gross!)

This outfit - is entirely thrifted! This dress is from Urban Outfitters urban renewal. I'm guessing that whoever bought it ordered a Medium; it didn't fit, and so they donated it. It's a scratchy linen blend too - so I probably wouldn't have loved paying $40-50 for it, but I only spent $4 on it. Win! Mom thrifted these moccasins for me. They're really my around the house shoes due to the soft soles, but I've really warmed to them and want a pair with hard soles. This cardigan was a weird purchase. It's an odd color (I call it cantaloupe), but it actually 'goes' with a lot of things I own.

(Additionally, it seems my followers widget has disappeared and I can't see them on other blogs either. Anyone else having this problem?) The issue seems to be fixed now.


  1. love love love this dress! totally worth the scratchiness!

    hmmm and I can't see your "followers" but i dont have a problem seeing it on other blogs... weird?

  2. I noticed the widget is missing on mine too.

    What amazing thrifting finds. I love the color of the cardi :)

  3. I love that dress! It's so amazing on you. That cardi is such a great colour. Orange goes with everything, I tell ya!

  4. Sweet little dress! And that cardi color is fab! I can see your follower widget right now. Perhaps it was a Blogger bug for a bit?

  5. @ Keely - I feel like it may be a browser thing or something, because I still can't see it or anyone elses'.

  6. So weird, I can see your followers right now but mine are missing for me all the time as are those of other people. Weird!

  7. I can't believe you thrifted that dress! I've never had luck with thrifting dresses.. but this is such a score! So adorable! And I just love the bright summery cardigan with it :)


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