Friday, May 13, 2011

Blind Optimism

Top - Velocity, thrifted
Skirt - Kohls
Pumps - Poetic License, ebay
Ring - inherited Mom
Today is all about some blind optimism. Hubs lost his part time job. It's been a long time coming (him working in an overstaffed store). He's been in the works of a job-change for nearly a month now, so hopefully this will give us the push we need to start making some good changes. But it also means we have no income right this minute. But the great thing is that I have a blog that I can use to keep me pumped up. Things I'm optimistically planning for: Remix challenges (Check out this weekend's post for more info if you want to play along!), Sew Sunday (I have available supplies and finally some time!), DIY projects, and finally digging into my stockpiled thrifted goodies. I have so much new stuff that's unworn!

As evidenced by today. I picked up this top - sometime. I'm always on the lookout for funky cotton tops and this one definitely fit the bill.  It goes against every thing I ever said about fashion. It's got poof sleeves, a high neckline, stripes (I keep saying I have too many!), and I'm even pairing red and purple thanks to D's suggestion of these pumps. I actually really love the play of all these pieces together.
I added my mom's amethyst ring to help add some more purple. I got this ring from her awhile back but it's yet to be sized. So I cheated by using the band-aid method to size it down for my tiny fingers. One day I hope to have the stones reset or at least get the ring properly resized.

(Did I have enough parenthetical statements today?)


  1. Please send these shoes to me! Thank you! ;)

    Love the glasses, love the shirt, the sirt - AND LOVE THE SHOES!!!

    I really want shoes like these... Hmmmm... I'll have to go shopping for similar ones. :P
    Or I'll ask Mr. K. to buy me a pair for my birthday... choices, choices! ;)

  2. This is an amazing blog... The top looks great on you and I love your shoes!

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job though, but I wish you all the best...

  3. Great outfit, Megan! I hear ya on the cutting back, since my husband is also out of work now. Eee...things are tough all over, aren't they?

    Love the ring (and I use the bandaid method too!) and just this whole outfit (and you know I am mad for parentheses!).

  4. The shirt is so cute and it looks perfect with that skirt! Sorry about the hubs job, hopefully something better comes along! That ring is really pretty!


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