Monday, May 16, 2011

Black and White Out

Headband - DIY project
Tunic Dress - NY&Co, gift
Tee - Old Navy
Jeans - target thrifted new stock
Boots - Fluevog
Today I want to talk about my traffic via Google. I love seeing what phrases bring people to my little edge of the internet.
"megan mae daily" : Hooray! You found me via my blog name - And spelled correctly too! Thanks!
"are you interested for a swap" : Possibly! Feel free to shoot me an email. Don't be shy.

"diy leather bracer" : Hey cool, I totally did a project about that here.
"leather skirt blog" : Alright! Yes I have lots of these - Check out my leather skirt outfits under the label 'leather'.
"nude spring break 2011" : Um sorry, I'm sure you got directed to my spring break outfits, but there is not porn, only United Nude shoes. Thanks for the pageviews though!
"girls in hot blue jeans" : Yeah, again sorry - but this one I couldn't figure out. The blue jeans are hot? Dangling modifiers aren't cool, dude.

For those who weren't here looking for girls in hot blue jeans - Hopefully you checked out Kimberly of Fab Finds under 50 and her amazing Inspiration Calendar. You'll see me on today's date for Black and White Out! I got this very summery tunic as a gift from my MIL a while back. Because it is super thin and summery, I tried styling this tunic a bit like an outfit I saw from the All Saints look book to keep from freezing today.

Anyway, don't forget to check out the next Fashion Challenge!

(Linkapalooza today, guys.)


  1. Great tunic! I am always swap interested myself.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Great tunic and "hot jeans", lol. ;)

    Is there a tutorial for the headband somewhere in your blog? Because I really like it.

  3. Maybe it was "hot" as in stolen. Have you stolen any jeans on here? That must be it!

    Hmm... I'll try to wear black and white for you today. I have to do some hardcore cleaning, though, so my "white" might just be my socks, or underwear or something!

  4. I love how perfectly your jeans go with you new boots!

  5. @ Sal Kaye - You can find all my DIY projects under "Sew Sunday" in the sidebar - but I'll drop you a link with some more specific info if you want.

    @ Cara - LOL Yes! That's probably it, only not. Hee!

  6. LOL :)

    I adore the tunic. I am really into anything oversized these days.

  7. That tunic is awesome. It looks like it will be really comfortable in warm weather.

  8. Haha I keep getting search hits for "Peggy Bundy." You can really pull a tunic off - very cool top.

  9. I'm afraid of reading what people are searching for when they find me. Most of it is highly offensive and NSFW to even mention it here!

  10. How fun and funny!! Love it :)

  11. I keep getting a weird search term from Prescott, AZ ... nearly every day. But of course now that I want to find it for you, I can't!

  12. Linkapalooza makes me laugh.

    I haven't gotten ANY weird search terms on mine. I feel like such a loser. ;)

    Black and white is so very classic and chic, I love it!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. I like how you've toughened up the breezy tunic! I know, seeing what people are googling for is so insane... I made the mistake of talking about how my friend Brandon calls me "The Granny Tranny" because well, sometimes I dress like an old tranny. And now there are just tons of people looking for that who are surely disappointed by my blog since I am not old or transgender.

  14. I absolutely adore this outfit! Definitely a favorite! The loose, summery blouse is perfection with the skinnies! And of course I love the classic black and white pairing.

  15. I get a huge kick out of the search phrases - I get some totally weird ones. Just from this week:

    - skeleton guitar players (from my Xmas village)
    - dressed like a song (from a theme I did back in 2008-9).


    This is a great top on you, Megan. Very pretty.


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